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Sunday, April 29, 2007

April stats

Sales That Have Made Me Smile

  • Mammoth Book of Lesbian Erotica 2007 bought a reprint of the Sophie story “Bringing Back the Light.”
  • H is for Hardcore bought the Sophie story “Don’t Move.”
  • Naughty or Nice? is not only taking “The Queen of Christmas”—it’s going to be the lead story! Woo!

Rejections That Have Made Me Frown

  • Heliotrope for “Matchmaker.”
  • “No simoultaneous [sic] submissions” (which would have been nice to have been mentioned in their guidelines) from Hot and Delicious for “All About the Ratings.” (Not to mention the other place the story’s subbed to is a UK best-of—not exactly a majorly competing market.)
  • Sword & Sorceress 22 for “Dreamseer;” it made it to the final cut but, alas, “typeface is notoriously inelastic.” (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve received that rejection from them!)
  • ASIM for “Heaven Has Eyes,” after the story made it through two rounds of readers. Sigh. Several of my stories have gotten that far with them.
  • Naughty or Nice? for “Bringing Back the Light.” Hey, can’t sell the reprint too many times in a year!
  • An agent for Waking the Witch.

Comp Copies That Have Landed on My Desk

  • He’s On Top, with my story “On the Twelfth Day…” (as Andrea Dale). See the review below!
  • She’s On Top, with my story “Working Late” (as Andrea Dale).
  • Got a Minute? Sixty Second Erotica, with my story/vignette series “From Bitter to Sweet” (as Andrea Dale).
  • Sex With Strangers, which contains a Sophie story, a solo story of Teresa’s, and a story of Sarah’s. We’re taking over the world!

And Other Good News

  • Kensington requested the full ms of OOTFP less than a week after we sent them the partial.
  • Review: “The stories in He’s On Top run the gamut from sweet to ferocious. There’s “Confession,” in which an unhappily married couple reinvent their marriage in the harsh language of dominance and submission, and “On the Twelfth Day…” wherein a pair of lovers determines how deeply into the lifestyle they can bear to explore. Those stories read as gritty and hot, quickly giving me a girlie-wood with their excellently-written sex.” (JanesGuide.com)

In My Free Time, Books Read (Not a Complete List)

  • The Journey Home, Fiona Hood-Stewart
  • Urban Shaman, C.E. Murphy
  • Blood Price, Tanya Huff


Julie said...

Congratulations on all your acceptances. Okay, clearly I know nada about the publishing world, but what the heck does "typeface is notoriously inelastic" - this sounds like some sort of surrealist rejection - 'put the pancakes in the doghouse at midnight...'

Rob Vagle said...

Lots of news! Congrats on doing great!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Julie! Hee! The typeface comment is basically a polite way of saying "we can't fit every good story into the book." In other words, we can't smush the typeface down small enough to fit everything. And, obviously, that means my story was good, but not quite good enough, in the end.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Thanks, Rob! :-)

Hey, will I see you at any upcoming novel workshops?!

Julie said...

Oooooooh, okay, that makes way more sense. I was being too literal there, I guess. I suppose that's better than, 'you really suck, don't ever send us any work again, we mean it!'

Rob Vagle said...

Dayle, a novel workshop for me is possible. Not sure which one yet!