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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Follow me to the party!

Every time I attend a workshop on the Oregon Coast, I have revelations. (Suddenly Florence + the Machine’s “No Light, No Light” is stuck in my head.) Things I need to do, to change, in order to get closer to my goals.

As Gru says in Despicable Me, “Light. Bulb.”

Sometimes they’re life changes, sometimes they’re little things, sometimes they’re things I’ve heard before and thought I understood, but apparently I wasn’t in the right place to internalize and truly get.

For example, splitting out my writing and production schedules. I’m a writer and I’m a publisher, and those things need to be separate. I’m a weird person who likes admin stuff like book design. But the writing has to come first, be the focus, before I can even think about playing with the production of that writing.

And another example, of a small thing: It takes time to post here and to the News section of my website. So why am I still maintaining a blog here?

Helloooo, cosmic two-by-four.

So, this post serves as a fond farewell to Blogspot, which has been a lovely home for many years. I imagine it’s on a ship and I'm standing on the pier, waving my white lace handkerchief at it. Bon voyage!

And I invite you all to sail with me (yes, I’ve totally mixed up that metaphor. Move on.) over to the News area of my website, where henceforth you will find my blog posts. Come on over and let’s party! Virtual champagne for everyone!