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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Those Venetian witches, you know

Words Written: 500 or so?
Writing Stats: I submitted five stories on Sunday, and received two rejections within a day. E-mail subs are both a joy and a curse. Four more stories were submitted today.
Exercise: yoga

Sale! I sold a fun little erotica piece, The Witch of Venice, to an anthology of stories inspired by drinks. Yes, The Witch of Venice is a drink. To get an idea for the story, I opened The Bartender’s Bible to a random page and picked the first drink recipe I found. So, obviously, it’s about pagans in Venice Beach. Hee.


I had the most amazing and the most painful massage this evening. Two hours of my new massage therapist discovering that every part of my body is tight. My neck is tight. The base of my skull is tight. My pecs are tight. My right thumb is tight, for crying out loud. When I was face down and she looked at my back, she assumed that I’d been wrong and it was my right hip that was a problem, because of the way it sloped. Then she went to work on my left hip and discovered that no, the reason it didn’t slope was because there was a rock embedded there. And let’s not talk about my left hamstring, which hasn’t been the same since the sciatica twisted my entire left leg into knots.

I’ll be seeing her again soon. She was awesome.


I went in for jury duty Wednesday, and I’m going back in tomorrow. I’m not on the jury, but they’re interviewing prospective jurors and didn’t finish on Wednesday. I’m currently in the audience, and it’ll be interesting to see how things transpire. The thing that most amazes me is how everyone in the damn Hall of Justice was funny. The lady giving us the orientation speech, the judge, both of the lawyers. Don’t they realize this is serious business?! Hee.


The picture above is one I took in NY, at a rest area between Albany and Keene….


Currently Reading: The Changeling: Book Two of the Fey, Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Lately Listened To: some dreamy New Age CD my massage therapist had on.
Recently Watched: Star Trek: Enterprise (the Sci-Fi Channel is running it, and I’ve never seen the earlier seasons)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fiction means "not real," right?

Hee! Fictional characters you should and shouldn't date.

Who would you date? Who would you run screaming from? Who's your partner most like?

(Everyone I think of would be bad for me. Hmm...!)

Monday, January 08, 2007

Tell me, tell me...

So, as mentioned earlier, I’m a member of Lust Bites, a group blog of Black Lace and Cheek authors. All the authors involved are invited to write little essays, about writing and sex and whatnot. I’ve already got a column slated for later this month, but that was the only topic that I could come up with. So, my pets, I need suggestions. What sorts of topics should I write about? They should be geared more towards readers than writers, but can be writing-related, too.

Post a comment! Tell me what to blather about! What haven’t I said that you want to hear?