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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Ken update: Soon out of ICU

Ken will be moved out of ICU today (once the order processes through), which is a big step in the right direction! Now he can have clear liquids, which he’s really happy about because he’s been very thirsty (it’s very dry in the hospital). They also expect to get him up and walking a little bit. Wow.

He’s sore all over, which isn’t surprising at all, but thankfully no sharp pain; the drugs are doing their job. It hurts to breath deeply, but they’re pushing him to do that to keep his lungs in good shape. Turns out he did have surgery on his right hands so he has titanium pins in three fingers.

It’s occurred to me that with his right hand broken and his left arm in a sling (because of the broken shoulder), he’s going to require constant care for awhile.  O.o  Meep.

Re: phone calls and texts. There are several reasons why I’ve asked ya’ll not to call or text….
  1. I’m already on the phone a lot keeping family updated, coordinating with local friends who are helping out, canceling appointments, etc. Sometimes I’m getting texts while I’m on the phone, or multiple calls, and I can’t juggle everything.
  2. I’m talking to doctors/nurses/etc. and thus can’t stop to answer the phone.
  3. I’m grabbing rest whenever I can. I can’t turn off the phone in case a nurse needs to reach me, plus I use the phone as my alarm clock.
  4. I'm sitting with Ken most of the time, and if he's sleeping, the phone can wake him up.
  5. I’m rapidly running out of phone battery, even w/frequent charging.
  6. My earpiece died and I don’t have the charging cord (hoping to get another today, but we’ll see). It’s easier for me to hear and much more comfy to talk with an earpiece, so I’m less inclined to chat when I don’t have one.
Please believe me, I’m reading all of your emails and blog comments and FB and Twitter responses, and when Ken’s more awake I’m going to read them all to him, too. Right now there’s not a lot I need, and I’m getting hold of folks who can help when I do need something. When I get Ken home, I know I’ll need more help then.

Also, please check back here for updates on how he’s doing. This is the easiest/fastest way to keep everyone up to speed. I’ll post notes on FB/Twitter when I’ve updated here. I’m doing quickie updates on FB/Twitter (like when he got the breathing tube out) but full info will go here.

I simply don’t have time to answer individual responses, and you know why? Because I have so many fucking awesome friends that I can’t keep up. That’s what you all get for being too fucking amazing for words.

Oh, and more thank-yous:
  • Nanci and Lenny for rescuing my car from the hotel in Ontario
  • Brian and Brad for rescuing Ken’s bike
  • Shannon and Stephen, Ken’s amazing nurses

Now, if I could just track down what happened to his wallet… It was in his motorcycle jacket, which according to the guy who rescued his bike is “only partial and in shreds.” I’m guessing it was cut off him at the scene.  O.o

Friday, July 01, 2011

Ken's going to be okay

First of all, Ken’s going to be fine. That’s the most important thing.

He was in an accident outside of Reno at about 6:30 pm last night (Thursday night). He was life-flighted to Renown Trauma Center in Reno. He was coherent enough to give the ER my name and phone number, and two different people said he was polite.  :-)  Neurologically he’s fine, and he also has no spinal injuries. The helmet, of course, saved his life.

However, they did have to remove his spleen; he has three broken ribs and some broken fingers on his right hand, a broken shoulder (which they haven’t been able to X-ray yet, but they don’t seem to think it’s bad), and one of his lungs did collapse. As of right now (2 pm Friday) he’s on a respirator but mostly breathing on his own, and they hope to take the tube out sometime this afternoon. In fact, the nurse just told me they might move him out of ICU as early as tomorrow morning.

He’s on really good pain meds so he’s a little loopy, but he smiles and squeezes my hand and indicates that he’s doing fine. That’s pretty much all I care about right now.  :-)

The ER person who called me last night has to get credit for being so damn calm, I didn’t freak out at all. In fact, I’ve been freakishly calm about everything; the only time I got a little weepy was when I thought about him being at the side of the road before someone found him. (He was on a not-well-traveled road, and we don’t know how long it was until someone came upon him, or if someone saw it happen, or whatever. We also may never know what exactly happened; most people don’t remember. The state troopers who were first on the scene may be able to shed some light…but it’s really not important, all things considered.)

I also have to credit our friends Ernie and Pauline, who’d come down for the IBR finish and in fact arrived just as I was getting the call—they sat with me and Ernie made lots of phone calls. Ken’s mom was there, too, and another friend. Lisa with the Rally booked my flight to Reno this morning and was also just calm and amazing. Here in Reno, bikers Brian and John have been at the hospital since last night, Brian picked me up at the airport, and they both got me situated here at the hospital (which turned one floor of one wing into a hotel, so I even have a place to sleep, shower, etc., for a reasonable rate).

Please feel free to leave comments and well wishes here or on Facebook, and when Ken’s more coherent I’ll read them all to him. For right now, though, please don’t call or text—I’m busy enough keeping family apprised and I can’t always answer the phone. I know you’re out there, and you care.

Right now I don’t think there’s anything anyone can do except send positive energy and well wishes. When we get home, I will probably have to ask for some help during his recovery.

He’s gonna be okay. That’s all that matters.

xoxo to you all