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Thursday, August 04, 2011

Ken update: Hand, hand, fingers, thumb!

Sorry for the lack of Ken updates…it’s just that there hasn’t been much of anything to update. Until today, that is.

Rejoice! for Ken no longer has pins sticking out of his knuckles and a big clunky thing immobilizing his hand and wrist!  *\o/*

The pins themselves were almost anticlimactic—they just slid right out. He said it felt a little weird, but there was no pain. His hand’s swollen still, the skin is peeling, and the fingers are still stiff. He has his first therapy appointment on Monday, for both his hand and his shoulder. Twice a week for six weeks, and then we’ll see, I guess. He just wants his throttle hand back.  ;-)

Other than that, he still tires easily. For example, Tuesday we went to the Styx/Yes show at The Greek Theatre in Hollywood. We left at about 2:45 to miss traffic, and did so with such competence that we got there half an hour early, so we killed some time drinking tea at Starbuck’s. Styx went on first, so we ditched Yes (sorry…) but ended up going out for a late dinner with friends, so we didn’t get home ’til about 1 am.

He spent most of Wednesday napping as a result.

Thus we’re continuing to lie low and take it easy. Not too many outings, and keeping them short.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, visits are highly recommended to help him from going nuts. We can also go out for lunch or dinner, or the movies, if you’d like to meet up somewhere (provided we don’t have much else scheduled that day). Please. Really. We love our friends and we want to see you!

Monday, August 01, 2011


So I was scanning blogs on GoogleReader today and noticed that Rachel Kramer Bussel mentioned an anthology she has a story in…as does Sophie Mouette (my alter ego with Teresa Noelle Roberts). And I thought, did I totally forget I had a story sale? Because I don't remember this one….  O.o

::laughs and laughs::

When I investigated more closely, I realized it wasn't an anthology edited by Rachel. It's Cleis Press's first-ever e-anthology, and they had solicited our story because it was one of their favorites!

So without further ado, may I proudly announced that "Busted" is now available in Soaking Wet: Lesbian Sex Stories!