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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Question for my foodie and health-conscious friends

I think I’ve mentioned here a few times that Ken and I have revamped (and continue to revamp) our eating habits, cutting out processed foods as much as we can, eating as clean as possible, etc. I’ve cut out sugar and am frequently dairy free (barring milk in my tea). And so on.

Another step in that direction was to send all our old nonstick cookware off to a charity shop and replace it all with Pyrex (charity shops, ebay, and one of my sisters have been fabulous in that regard). Now I’m frowning at all the plastic cooking spoons, spatulas, etc., and wondering what to replace those with (especially since they’re starting to flake off at the edges. Ew!). That’s where I need your advice, my pets!

Wooden? If so, are there some that are better than others? I have one set of wooden spoons and one of them is developing splinters. I don’t want to eat wood…

Stainless steel? Or would this scratch the Pyrex?


And what about food storage? Are BPA-free plastic containers really safe? Or should we switch to glass (which has the downside of being pricey)? Our current containers are old and also flaking, and I’ve already gotten into the habit of transferring contents to a glass bowl before microwaving. I’ve also been slapping plastic wrap over leftovers on a plate or in a bowl rather than transferring the contents into a container. I don’t use the plastic wrap when I re-heat in the microwave, but there’s a part of me that doesn’t like the waste of plastic wrap (i.e., use it and then toss it).

Bonus points to suggestions that are eco-friendly as well. Thanks! xo

Come Together yet again!

Like to donate to worthy charities? Like super-sexy vampires? Then pick yourself up a copy of the new Coming Together: In Vein erotica anthology, proceeds from which will go to Doctors Without Borders!

To sweeten the deal, let me note that it contains a reprint of my story “Devouring Heart.” I’m always glad to donate one of my stories to the Coming Together series!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Kaboom! Go the nasties

The cats are getting their comprehensive vet exams today, which includes getting their teeth cleaned, so we’re using the opportunity while they’re out of the house to bug bomb the place, as they somehow seem to have acquired fleas (even though they never go outdoors).

Holy moly, what a PITA this is! All our dishes and food had to be removed from the house. Where did we get all these dishes? Why do we have so many serving platters. How old is that cereal?

I suppose it’s also a good opportunity to wipe down cabinets, etc., and re-organize everything (we seem to have party supplies – paper plates, plastic tableware, etc. – all over the place), but still. I’m exhausted already. And it looks like all the china teacups need to be cleaned anyway, so I’ll be doing that in stages over the next few days.

We’re settled in our favorite restaurant/tea shop (Fresh & Fabulous) for a couple hours of computer work before we go back home and open all the windows and doors. I’m happily full of their stellar ham-and-cheese quiche and am sipping my favorite Queen Victoria tea, and trying to wake up….

Another exciting Day in the Life!

Edited to add: Funny side story: We'd already taken out all the glasses and the water dispenser, so I went in the cabinet to see if we had a bottle of water (we mostly use stainless steel water bottles, but we have a few disposables as well). I grabbed one that was half full, opened it, too a slug…and then ran to the bathroom to spit it out, because someone had apparently filled it with vodka. I don't know who did this!! And I like vodka as much as the next girl, it was not what I wanted at 9 o'clock on the morning. Fuck no.