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Friday, December 19, 2008

More holiday thoughts

Stuck on what to give your favorite author this year? No, I'm not even talking about me. I mean any author whose work you enjoy. I can give you a simple solution: Take a few minutes to write to them and tell them you enjoy their work. There's a great article about this here. (Even better, buy copies of their work to give as gifts this holiday season. But if you can't swing that, the nice note will warm even the Grinchiest of writers' hearts!)

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Meanwhile, Shanna Germain is giving away books on her blog—just comment about your favorite winter fantasy, and you could win!

Suggestions for keeping warm this holiday season

Winter is apparently very inspiring to me, because I’ve amassed a number of short stories set around the Solstice, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day. So if you’re in the mood to snuggle under the covers or lounge in front of a roaring fire and enjoy some spicy stories to chase away the chill, may I make some recommendations?

I’m really excited about a winter-themed novella that’s just been released. “Hidden Treasure” is a Sophie Mouette story (written with Teresa) in Bedding Down. This is the first time I’ve been published by Avon Red, which is one of the reasons I’m over the moon. Plus the cover is gorgeous!

From the Introduction by editor Rachel Kramer Bussel: “The ‘Hidden Treasure’ in Sophie Mouette’s story turns out to be much naughtier than the criminals seeking it expect, and provides the inhabitants of a historic museum the chance to repeat the hottest parts of history.”

A snowbound castle folly in the Adirondacks, two bumbling redneck criminal wanna-bes, Victorian clothing, and a chance to turn a high school crush into something much more interesting… What’s not to love?

“The Queen of Christmas” was a blast to write, with inspirations from the house in the Trans-Siberian Orchestra “Wizards of Winter” video, the TV show Home Improvement, Martha Stewart, and one of the holiday displays on Christmas Tree Lane (aka the local historic district, a block from our house).… It’s the lead story in Naughty or Nice, an all-holiday-stories anthology to get you in the right spirit!

“The book starts off with a champagne popping bang with Andrea Dale’s ‘The Queen of Christmas.’ I ADORE this story! It’s so hilarious, I was laughing the whole way through, except when I was lusting after that very sexy, Christmas-loving electrical engineer across the street. And then I was kind of smacking my lips and making plans to attack my own electrical engineer husband later.” (author Donna George Storey)

You’ll never think about the Twelve Days of Christmas in quite the same day after reading “On the Twelfth Day” in the anthology He’s On Top

“Finding Perspective,” a sweet and sexy Valentine’s story, can be found in Ultimate Lesbian Erotica 2007.

“Mrs. Claus and the Naughty Elf” was another extremely fun story, and The MILF Anthology is a great book with a fabulous cover.

I know I keep saying I love my stories, but “Frozen” really does hold a place in my heart. I’m not sure I’m supposed to get choked up when I read one of my own stories, but there you have it. It’s also one of my most successful, having been reprinted twice. I’ll link to Best Lesbian Erotica 2005, but check out my website if you want one of the other anthologies.

Then there’s “Peppermint,” a 2004 contest winner at Torquere Press. This one’s no longer available online, but I just sold the reprint to Circlet Press! I’ll keep you posted on its publication!

All of those are Andrea Dale stories, BTW.

Along with the aforementioned “Hidden Treasure, of course, Teresa and have the Solstice story “Bringing Back the Light” at Fishnet, and it was reprinted in Mammoth Book of Best Lesbian Erotica 2007. You can read it free online at Fishnet (NSFW, obviously) or pick up a copy of the anthology, which is chock full of excellent stories.

And there you have it!  ::wanders off to score some eggnog::

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Appearing for one day only! EDITED

Just a quickie...but an exciting one!

Circlet Press is doing an erotic "advent calendar" type of thing, wherein they're posting a different story every day for the month of December. You get one day to read the story—after that, it's gone.

I'm delighted that my story "One Thousand" will be the story for Friday, December 19! (NOT Thursday as originally posted.) It should be posted around noon (if it's not, just keep checking back) at Circlet.

"One Thousand" will later appear in the Like a Myth, anthology, but this is your chance to read it now! Enjoy!

(Obligatory disclaimer: NSFW.)

(The other cool thing: I donated my payment to the ASJA Writer Emergency Fund, which helps writers when they have crisis medical bills and whatnot.)