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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Writerly newsy bits

Sale! I can finally officially announce this one; I’d gotten provisional acceptance from the editor but the publisher had final say. My story “Some Old Lover’s Ghost” will appear in Haunted Hearths, a ghost anthology! (This one was so much fun to write, and I also had a funny moment when I thought “Damn, I need to add a sex scene in soon…oh, wait! No I don’t! This isn’t an erotica story!” The main character, who runs a ghost hunter service called Paranormal Manifestation Services (PMS, get it?), had such a great voice that I think I need to use her in other stories…

This week I also received payment for “Under a Double Rainbow,” which will appear in Pangaea’s fiction anthology. Teresa and I are especially chuffed about this one, because it was a pagan fiction anthology, not an erotica one, and we still sold them a pagan erotica (erotic pagan?) story.

And, alas, a rejection from The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction for “Love Makes the Universe Go ‘Round.” On to the next market!

I have all the proposals and queries for Out of the Frying Pan ready to be mailed. In fact, they were all ready by this morning. Unfortunately, I thought the Post Office was open from 9 to 5 today, when in fact it’s open 9 to 3, which I learned at 3:46 p.m. Thankfully I had the foresight to double check online before I headed out. But still. ::pout::


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Picture this

I've uploaded some photos to my Flickr account for your viewing pleasure. (Yes, I've decided I actually do prefer Flickr to PicasaWeb. I'm so fickle!)

Last month's booksigning at Barnes & Noble.

Hard Rock Café Upland, aka Nanci and Lenny's music memorabilia room.

New Year's morning ride. We rode the length of Mullholland Hwy. Gorgeous!

Largesse made by Morgana and myself.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Thursday 13: Thirteen Things To Do This Month

(in no particular order)

  1. Send out a slew of proposals and queries for Out of the Frying Pan.
  2. Finish Ghosted.
  3. Write story for Denise Little workshop.
  4. Go to Denise Little workhop in Oregon.
  5. Go to four (four!) Styx concerts.
  6. Help with charity auction before one of the concerts.
  7. Lose 10 lbs before said concerts so I can buy a new pushup bra that fits. (Okay, this is probably not going to happen…)
  8. Participate in LARA (Los Angeles RWA) talk on romance at the Burbank Library.
  9. Keep going to the gym regularly.
  10. Go to Albra’s birthday dinner.
  11. Write with fellow local RWA-ers at coffee shop on Sundays (except for LARA Sunday).
  12. Call my dad on his birthday. (Do. Not. Forget!)
  13. Keep from stressing about all the things I have to do!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008


What do you think of the new design?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Are you going to frisk me when I leave?

Rejection from GUD Magazine for “Seeds of Hope.”


Fabby day: brunch with Dianna and Ron and their daughter Eleanor, and then a Superbowl party at Nanci and Lenny’s. We didn’t give a rat’s patootie about the Superbowl; we just went to hang out with friends. And Nanci and Lenny put out an amazing buffet…

Nanci and Lenny have a ginormous house and the largest collection of Styx memorabilia known to man. Honest. They are the masters. They met on eBay when she outbid him on some handwritten sheet music, and then he proposed to her on eBay. (The proposal is so sweet and romantic. ::sniff::) Anyway, they have an entire room set up as “Hard Rock Café Upland” (as well as a hallway and a few other places) full of music memorabilia from tons of bands. Just awesome. I’ll post pics of me and the Roboto mask (!!) to my Flickr site soon.

But for now, I’m coming down with a cold, so I’m crawling into bed early (after dosing myself with Nyquil so I can sleep the Nyquil Sleep of the Damned), reading for a bit, and calling it a night.

Poof! You’re a night!


Currently Reading: A Rush of Wings, Adrian Phoenix (fellow OCW-er!)
Lately Listened To: people shouting at football on the TV
Recently Watched: The Superbowl half-time show. Sadly, no nipples were exposed.