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Saturday, March 07, 2009


I’m surprisingly calm right now. I still have a mega-ton of stuff to do for the event (finish the site booklet, sort out the special super-secret entertainment, make signs, stare at Ken so he finishes casting the site tokens…) but it doesn’t feel insurmountable. Maybe because I finished my corset today (except for the grommets, which I’m going to make Ken put in because I don’t entirely trust myself with a hammer right now) as well as one of my dresses (I’ve got a few inches left on the trim. Oh, I want to bead it with pearls and amethysts, but not before the event!). It doesn’t really matter why. I’m just glad for it.

Of course, the dark-chocolate-covered caramel from Trader Joe’s that I just ate might have something to do with my mental state. Mmmm…

I’m mildly peeved about the time change tonight—I’m happy it’ll be light later, but not about losing an hour of sleep that I desperately need. Nothing I can do about it, though!

::Zens out::

Being published vs being read

My friend (and writer I respect) Steve York posted a link to an older post of his own about the truths of writing and publishing, because he's added to it and because it's something all writers, at any stage of the game, need to read. Repeatedly. Because we forget.

Thanks, Steve!

Friday, March 06, 2009

With a whoosh that flutters your hair as I dash by

Sorry for the recent radio silence. Been immersed in Black Oak Lodge preparations as well as having The Oak Leaf be the test case for putting all local SCA groups’ electronic newsletters online at the Kingdom’s website. I’m delighted to report the latter is up and running and working marvelously. You’d never guess how many hours of work went into that (and not just on my end)!

~ ~ ~

Quickie update: Back is fine, thanks to my chiropractor. I did lose Saturday in a drug haze, but that’s the price you gotta pay. Been dealing with some stress headaches on and off (my neck is impossibly stiff) but nothing major.

~ ~ ~

Pompoms for a sale! I just got word this morning that the cupcakely delightful Rachel Kramer Bussel has accepted “Stuffing the Ballot Box” for her Bottoms Up: Spanking Good Erotica anthology. It’s already available for pre-order—just click that link!

Also, I’m about to sign a contract for a fun freelance gig, writing customized erotic stories. The extra income will be most appreciated and it’ll be a way to keep my writing skills fresh, playing with voice and writing to theme. (I’m still in the market for some additional freelance work—maybe some copy editing or proofreading?—so if you hear of any, let me know!)

~ ~ ~

Other goodness:
  • getting second-row pit seats for the Phoenix Styx show in May! (Only downside is that it’s on Tommy’s side, but a change of scenery is good for the soul, right?!)
  • hearing that Styx is currently in LA (so close!) actually recording!

~ ~ ~

Once the event (13–15 March) is over, Ken’s off to Arkansas to help move his 94-year-old grandmother into a care facility. My alone time will be spent focusing back in on a slew of writing projects (and this enforced “vacation” from writing is making me chomp at the bit to get back to it!) and starting walking regularly with Morgana…as well as updating here more regularly. If you’ve missed me, that is. Feel free to tell me if you have. Because you all know I’m a sucker for that sort of thing.

(Also, I do post little updates to my Facebook account, more often than I really ought to. So if you’re worried that I’ve tipped off the edge of the earth, you can always check there. Which is not to imply that Facebook is off the edge of the earth, but then again, maybe it is…)

~ ~ ~

Finally, but most importantly…

Happy Birthday, Mom!