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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On rejection

Giving up is not an option:

30 famous authors whose works were rejected (repeatedly, and sometimes rudely) by publishers

(Thanks to my friend and lovely author Pati Nagle for the link!)

Help Circlet Press and get lots of e-books!

[Additional note from Dayle: One of the e-books, Like a Mask Removed 2, contains the Sophie Mouette story "Pow! Bash! Yes, Yes!"]


Contact: Cecilia Tan, (617) 290-9043


(CAMBRIDGE, MA) -- Circlet Press' online shopping cart may be down, but they are far from out.

Circlet's first printed book in over three years, Best Erotic Fantasy, is ready to be manufactured. Bookstores have ordered it and readers are clamoring for it. But cash flow is so slow, that paying the printer to fill the orders might take so long that bookstores interest could wane before they receive their orders.

Circlet is reaching out to readers for help by starting a group called the Circlet 100. They are seeking 100 readers who are interested in their brand of erotic science fiction and offering them a limited time CD-ROM packaging 20 of their ebooks, a retail value of $128, for only $50. It's a fundraiser, but it's not a "donation." It's an opportunity to make a one-time purchase that will make a huge difference in this small press's bottom line. 

Readers who want even more can also get the Deluxe version of the CD which includes not only all 20 ebook anthologies, but also seven single-author titles, among them: Faewolf, Alpha, Robotica, and Edge-Plays, as well as receive a special "Circlet 100" T-Shirt. Total Retail value, $187.73. The shipping is included.

It's not the first time Circlet has done a fund drive. Best Fantastic Erotica, printed and publishing in 2006, was funded with an "NPR" style underwriting campaign, where readers could buy a thank you or a message in the book, similar to the "buy a brick" campaigns for new buildings. Since then, the company has been publishing mostly in the ebook realm, building up a healthy library of electronic titles.

Founder and editorial director Cecilia Tan came up with the idea for the Circlet 100. "We are still committed to the printed book as a medium," she explains, "but it can be such a big hit financially to go to press. I believe there are enough readers out there, though, who want both ebooks and print books who will take us up on this amazing ebook sale offer and know that they are doing something good for the print side as well."

The fundraising effort can be tracked at Circlet.com where a real-time graph, provided by ChipIn.com, shows how close to the $5,000 goal the collections have reached. To see the progress or chip in yourself, visit
Circlet Press.

For more information:
Cecilia Tan
(617) 290-9043