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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Stuff your stocking!

I’m sorry this blog has become all about my print books, but I’m so excited about my print books, and this is what I’ve been working hard on lately, so they’re all coming out at once….

“Braceleted” is actually a long-ish short story (9K words, so the print book is 48 pages long), but I wanted to have something for sale that’s a little less expensive at $5.99. Just the right price for a gift to slip in your honey’s stocking…or the stocking of someone you hope will be your honey….

Nell Sheridan was Sutter’s Fork’s wild child, and she ran off to travel the world as soon as she possibly could. But now she’s back for a visit…and back into the arms of Lucas Brandt. Except when she left, she and Lucas had agreed there was no spark.

Now? It’s not a spark, it’s an inferno—all because Lucas holds her wrists. In the bedroom, Nell discovers when she’s restrained, she can fly free. Will that be enough to make her want to stay with Lucas in Sutter’s Fork?

Warning: Contains explicit sex, light bondage, and true love. You know…all the good stuff.

Of course, it’s also available as an e-book if that’s how you swing.  ;-)

Friday, December 14, 2012

Waking the Witch POD

Aaaaand gothic novel Waking the Witch (written as Dayle Ivy), is now available as a print book from Amazon and (hopefully, if not now, then soon) all fine retailers!

What happens when four boys confess to the murder of a woman who died a hundred years ago…?

The violent encounter Rowan Everly survived in college jolted awake her psychic power to see past images while holding a related object. At the behest of a friend, she comes to the privileged prep school town of Millburn, New York, to investigate the current rape and murder, and hopefully clear her friend’s son’s name.

Rowan’s not sure she’s up to the task. Her deeply ingrained mistrust of men makes her question where her loyalties lie. The deeper she investigates, the less anything makes sense. The boys seem truly horrified by what happened—almost as if they hadn’t had control over it.

Her initial encounter with sheriff Toby Candusco isn’t pleasant for either of them. But his calm support of her, and his unwavering desire to see justice done, gives her the strength to not only face her fears, but to reexamine the core beliefs that shape who she is.

Only then can she face and destroy the real menace…and save everyone around her.

Waking the Witch is an atmospheric gothic novel by new talent Dayle Ivy.

Also available in a variety of electronic formats

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sometimes it's okay to spoil me. Other times....

Okay, here’s the deal, people. Ken is out of town until Sunday night, which means I’m waiting to see The Hobbit until Monday.

Now, while there can’t technically be “spoilers” since I first read the book when I was 10, I’m just saying for the record that if anyone says anything to me in person or online (FB, Twitter, email, whatever) that will any way affect my enjoyment of viewing the movie, heads will roll.

Heads. Will. Roll.

You have been warned. Carry on.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Question for erotica readers

To my lovely erotica-reading friends:

If I were to put together a collection of BDSM short stories (which I am indeed about to do), would you prefer heterosexual stories only, or should I include lesbian stories? And if het only, would you prefer male dom only, or  should I include female dom/male sub?

It's entirely possible I could do two collections, one het and one lesbian, or even three (one het male dom, one lesbian, and one het female dom), but the only one for which I have enough stories to make up a print book is het. The other one (or two) would end up being e-books only.

Thank you for you input!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Commence FLAILING!

I can barely type this, I'm so trembly with excitement. (No, not that way. Sheez.)

I'm all a-twitter, in the sense of the meaning before Twitter. A-flutter. Squeeing.

So much goodness!

First, my collection Kiss Me Hello: Lesbian Erotic Romance, 11 stories written as Andrea Dale, is now available as a print book from Amazon! That's right, you can buy it for your Kindle (or on other sites for your Nook, Kobo reader, phone, computer screen) as an e-book, and you can hold it in your hot little hands as a print book! You should be able to order it at any bookstore, too.

(Just in time to buy it for that special person for a holiday gift. I'm just sayin'.)

Electronic formats:
Amazon Kindle |  Barnes & Noble |  Smashwords

Second, the mail hath brought me comp copy goodness in the form of Elemental Magic: All-New Tales of the Elemental Masters:

Yes, it's true: I have a story in a Mercedes Lackey edited book, set in her delicious Elemental Masters world. Me. Me.

I mean, look at this table of contents:

Introduction: Mercedes Lackey
A Song of the Sea: Diana L. Paxson
The Fire Within Him: Samuel Conway
Makana: Fiona Patton
War to the Knife: Rosemary Edgehill
Stones and Feathers: Elizabeth Vaughan
Fire's Children: Elisabeth Waters
For the Sake of Clarity: Cedric Johnson
To Ride the River-Horse: Dayle A. Dermatis
The Phoenix of Mulberry Street: Michele Lang
Air of Mystery: Jody Lynn Nye
A Flower Grows in Whitechapel: Gail Sanders and Michael Z. Williamson
Tha Thu Ann: Tanya Huff
The Collector: Ron Collins
Queen of the Mountain: Kristin Schwengel
I Have Heard the Mermaids Singing: Mercedes Lackey

(I tried to take pictures using Photobooth, but they came out backwards....)

My name is on it—my name—along with Diana Paxson and Rosemary Edgehill and my friend Michele Lang and Tanya Huff and Mercedes Lackey herself.

Holy crap.