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Saturday, June 09, 2012

Hail the squee!

Now is the time on this blog when I once again squee about a new publication. Because, well, I can’t help it. If you don’t like it…fuck, I don’t know what we’re gonna do. Girl’s gotta squee.

I don’t have Bound by Lust (edited by the smoking-hot Shanna Germain) in my eager hands yet, but oh, I wish I did! It contains my story “A Few Things to Pick Up On Your Way Home,” aka “Oh Crap, Dayle Wrote Another Stupidly Long Title Again.”*

Aaaaanyway, we-all are doing a blog tour to get you all hot and bothered about the anthology. I hope you’ll wander over to Janine Ashbless’s blog on the 12th to say hi to me, and that you’ll pop in here on the 18th to meet Clarice Clique. Here's the full blog tour list (the first name is the host, the second name is the guest):

June 11
Shanna Germain / Welcome

June 12
Janine Ashbless / Andrea Dale  (hey, that's me!)

June 13
Rachel Kramer Bussel / Sharazade

June 14
Allison Wonderland / Craig Sorensen

June 15
Lisabet / Shanna Germain

June 18
Andrea Dale / Clarice Clique

June 19
Erotica for All / Kristina Wright

June 20
Alison Tyler/ Alison Tyler

June 21
Nikki Magennis / Allison Wonderland

June 22
Kristina Wright / Kristina Lloyd

June 25
Clarice Clique / Justine Elyot
June 26
Vida Bailey / Veronica Wilde

June 27
Veronica Wilde / Teresa Noelle Roberts

June 28
TBD / Alana Noel Voth

June 29
Kristina Lloyd / Nikki Magennis

July 2
Jeremy Edwards / Vida Bailey

July 3
Teresa Noelle Roberts / Janine Ashbless

July 4
Dorla Moorehouse / Review & Excerpt

July 5
Justine Elyot / Donna George Storey

July 6
Shanna Germain / Closing 
*What? I didn’t use a song title? What…what the hell, man?