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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Turn of the page

Words Written: OOTFP edits
Writing Stats: Rejection from Cemetery Dance for “Queen of Hearts, Hand of Fate”
Exercise: day off, although I cleaned litter boxes and took out trash and recycling—does that count?

Egads, April already! March just flew by so fast. But it was good things—coming off the rush of the concerts, to dive into the rush of the BIAW workshop… It’s just been heads-down working since then—I’ve clean out my e-mail lists folder except for one, and I’ve got a few more e-mails to go in the normal In Box. Work is mostly caught up (and will be ending sometime soon, or at least slowing down towards ending…I’ll know more by the end of the week). And while my intense workouts with the trainer still hurt, I’m not hurting quite as bad afterwards!

Yesterday I went to my first SCA event in longer than I care to ponder. Except for the wind that kicked up the dust and made my eyes feeling like someone was scratching them with sandpaper, I had a truly lovely time. I set up another kumihimo cord (for Kingdom awards—we try to give all our awards on handmade cords) and wove and chatted with all my wonderful friends. A much-appreciated day off.

So, I just signed up for four novel workshops over the next year. Dean’s starting ‘em up again, and I’m a sucker for external deadlines, so…! That’s on top of the one in November in San Diego. So, two novels between now and the beginning of November (one due by 10/1, not sure when the other is due). I’m hoping we can organize another BIAW in late October to overlap with that quarter’s novel workshop. Anyway, two novels? Piece o’cake. I may have to table the heavy editing on yet another novel (which I’d mentally scheduled in after I finish WSWL), but it’s all about the flexibility, baybee!

Good stuff, this life thing.


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