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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Minor rant

What is it with musicians these days not making lyrics easily available? I long for the days of albums with sleeves containing all the lyrics and info my little anal-retentive, trivia-loving heart.

I downloaded one…what do you call a collection of music that isn’t in a hard form? We’ll call it a CD for discussion purposes…one CD for which the band didn’t have lyrics available anywhere. Now, I’m listening to the new Fish CD (in preparation for Tuesday’s show!) and while the lyrics are available on his website, each song’s lyrics are in a pop-up box that goes away if you click on it. Well, what I’d like to do is copy them into a single Word file so I can print them out and read them whilst I’m listening to the bloody music! (Also, I can’t bump up the View size on the pop-up box, which would be helpful for my dreadful eyesight.)

Remember when we were teenagers and had the time to just listen to music? To buy a new album and sit with headphones on and read the lyrics and maybe start singing along by the third or fourth listen?

What was the last CD you did that with? (Seriously, I'm curious.) For me, it might have been Styx's Edge of the Century in (eep) 1990....