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Friday, October 03, 2008

The most wonderful time of the year (again!)

October already. Holy… Well, holy holidays! Celebrate, for it’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Not only is it autumn, it’s Halloween Season!

~ ~ ~

Ken’s off at a 24-hour rally in New Mexico this weekend. He left yesterday morning, got as far as Orange County, and came back, thanks to yet another emergency call from the company in Oregon. Thankfull, this time he was able to talk them through the problem, and it sounds like they’ve sorted it. It was a little touch-and-go yesterday afternoon, though, as we waited to ascertain whether he’d be headed back east or up north…. At least I got a few more hours with him!

Meanwhile, I’ve been a wee bit grumpy and distracted, which means I’m more likely to be doing things like dishes and filing than, oh, writing. In preparation for our trip to NY, I’ve also installed iFamily and have been working on genealogy things, because the anal-retentive side of me glories in that sort of work.

~ ~ ~

I have a post up at Lust Bites about The Mammoth Book of the Kama Sutra, which contains my story "The Tigress," if you’re interested in some juicy excerpts and scintillating discussion!

~ ~ ~

Originally I had plans for both days this weekend, but now it looks like I’m staying home, which I’m actually reasonably comfortable with. I’d planned to carpool to an SCA event with someone on Saturday, but I guess there was miscommunication, because I found out they were carpooling with someone else. Then I found out they weren’t, but the new arrangement would have required me to be ready to go before 8 a.m., and, um, no. I’ll see most of the folks at GWW next week anyway.

Sunday is the LARA picnic, but I find I can’t summon up a whole lot of enthusiasm about it. I can’t figure out why, but I’m going with my gut on this one. It would be lovely to spend the day with a bunch of smart, funny, gorgeous, and talented ladies and meet their families, but it’s a heck of a drive (even if I left the car in Thousand Oaks and carpooled the rest of the way, as none of the local writers are going), and as with the event, I’m loathe to drive long distances unnecessarily by myself (I’m so not into adding to the pollution and traffic problems).

So I’m going to stay home, go to yoga, make a beef stew for the war in the crock pot, watch Ken’s progress via the spiffy tracking system, and ideally get a buttload of writing done. Maybe even do some sewing. Who knows? The world is my oyster! (What does that mean?)


Currently Reading: Just finished The Thirteenth Tale, Diane Sutterfield. Awesome book! All sorts of gothicky goodness! I finally gave in and indulged in my desire to lie on our new comfy sofa and read for hours. Pbltz, I say to all the things I needed to be working on. Next in the queue is La Nora’s latest, Tribute. I suspect I’ll be reluctantly dragging myself away from it to be productive over the weekend.
Lately Listened To: Celtic Pride, various artists. Mmm, modern Celticy goodness!
Recently Watched: Law & Order: SVU

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Note to self: When pulling something down from a high cabinet on utility porch, try to avoid can of Dr Pepper smashing onto face.

Result: small cut on bridge of nose, annoying but minor ache in sinuses, nerdy looking Band-Aid on face. Sadly, other than minor, expected temporary swelling, there seems to be no real interesting affect to shape of small, unremarkable nose.

Additional comment: Not even as amusing as the time Lawrence dropped an almost-full water bottle on my head, although tonight's episode resulted in actual blood loss, which must count for something.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday Ken!

Happy Birthday to My Beloved!

We’ve been having a lovely day together. Celebrations this morning, followed by walking to a downtown restaurant for brunch. Then we had to take the car in because one tire was flattening (we’d pump it up, and two days later it would be flat), and another was soft. Turns out they both had nails in them. Sigh. And the front two were worn, so we got four new tires, alignment, the works. Not fun, but at least something accomplished!

Then we bought a new sofa (to be delivered Wednesday) for the media room, since the one in there (a Fagelbo from ::spit::Ikea::spit::) was very comfortable to sleep on, but awful to sit on. (Plus it faded almost immediately, cheap piece of crap that it is.) So now I’ll finally have a comfy place to lounge and read, and my ass won’t go numb when we’re watching TV.

Then it was a quick trip to Costco and home again to grab a snack before trotting out to the cheap theatre to see Mamma Mia!, and then we filled all our water cooler bottles and picked up a pizza to cook later. In a few minutes we’ll toss the pizza in to cook, maybe head down to the pizza place on the corner to pick up some wings (Ken’s having a bizarre craving—usually I’m the wing obsessor!), and watch Kinky Boots.

And there will be more celebrating, too. ;-)

Tomorrow I’ll have to get back to reality and work and whatnot, but today is all about Ken!