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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Kitchenaid mixer questions for our foodie friends

Long story short: When we divorced, my ex got the Kitchenaid mixer, which was fine because he was the cook.

But I miss it. I’ve coveted them for years, whimpering every time we pass by the display in Costco or Bed Bath & Beyond. Now that we’re cooking more (in order to eat more healthily and naturally), maybe it’s worth it. In fact, we’ve found the base model on sale for a really reasonable price.

Yet when we started to put it in our basket, we hesitated. Would we really use it? What would we use it for?

That’s where you come in, smart foodie friends. I need you to tell me what I can do with that mixer—convince me (by tomorrow, the last day of the sale) that it’s worth it.

A few caveats/comments, as usual:
  • We rarely, if ever, bake, and don’t foresee ourselves starting.
  • However, we very well might use the mixer to make bread, which has the benefit of us not needing to buy a bread maker. Does the Kitchenaid do all the work; i.e., will our job be only to (a) dump the stuff in and then (b) pour the dough into a bread pan?
  • One thing we will do is buy blocks of cheese and shred it ourselves. Ideally, it would be nice to get rid of the food processor and just use the mixer attachments, so whatever we get would have to handle shredding carrots, etc. Can we do that? Would the Food Grinder suffice or would the Roto Slicer w/shredder be better? Or would we have to get both (which is less ideal)?

So, to recap: What-all can we do with the mixer that’s not mixing cookie dough or cake batter?

(Please respond here, on the Blogger post, so that I have all the answers in the same place....)

Thanks! xo