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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Signed, sealed, and delivered

The book signing went reasonably well. There were six authors, so by the time we got going, it was SRO—always nice to see! I’d hoped for more cross-pollenization of fans, but in the end I sold book only to people I knew—not that I’m complaining, mind you! I think I sold six or seven books total, and signed more for the store. The other authors were quite charming, too.

Afterwards, Morgana (aka my driver), Gillian, Donna (visiting from Baltimore), and I went to Applebee’s and ate and talked, which was lovely. Since it doesn’t look like I’ll be making it to Gillian’s party tomorrow, must less the RWA meeting, I’m especially glad I got the chance to hang out with them.

My ankle is better (less swollen, more range of movement), and I could probably drive with it, but I’m not sure I want to risk SoCal freeways—I can drive, yes, but the thought of having to slam on the brakes makes me wince. I couldn’t suss out rides, so I guess tomorrow will be a day of productivity…

At least, I hope so. I still have a headache, so I’m going to bed as soon as I post this, and hopefully a long night’s sleep will solve the problem…

(Ooh! Just saw an e-mail come in: Our assignment for the Denise Little workshop next month. Fun anthology topic! Guess I know what I’ll be working on tomorrow!)


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Friday, January 18, 2008

I, er, wha?

Rejection from Apex Digest for “The Rising.” Dammit, 10,000-word post-911 magic realism stories are hard to find markets for!

And… ::booboo lip:: Teresa’s and my proposal for a workshop at RWA Nationals this year has been rejected. I don’t know why I’m as bummed as I am right now… Guess I was really looking forward to doing it. Huh.

More annoyingly, they don’t say why, just that they get more proposals than they can use. Does that mean someone else turned in a better proposal for a workshop on collaboration? That they didn’t want a workshop on collaboration? Is it okay to turn in the same proposal next year, or not?


Damn. I’ve had a low-grade headache all day, combined with lack of motivation. Now, easing towards bedtime, the headache’s getting worse, but this is when I usually get the energy to write.

I’m mostly ready for the signing tomorrow: I’ve printed out a brief bibliography of my other work; I’ve gathered most of my materials. I’m totally going to wing what I’m talking about. I should’ve planted people in the audience with questions.

Dangit, what have I done with my book of raffle tickets?!


Didja all have fun with Lust Bites today?


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Where the Magic Happens

Hey! C'mon over to Lust Bites, where we've posted pictures of our writing spaces and want to know if you can guess which space belongs to which writer. Surely you can guess mine!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

It ain't over 'til it's over

Bguh. I’ve spent most of today with my foot elevated, icing it on and off, watching Ghost Hunters and reading Robert B. Parker, and only a little of it hammering away on Ghosted. I’ve had more productive days… A little melancholy, I guess, having to get used to Ken being gone again, even if it’s just for a week.

That said, Grimoire has spent the day asleep on the sofa next to me, looking utterly adorable. The world can’t be all bad when you’ve got something like that.

I’d classify my sprain as moderate; I’ve definitely had worse. I can pretty much put my full weight on it when I have to. It’s swollen all to hell, and I’m eagerly awaiting potentially wild bruising, and it does ache on and off. Pheh. But I can walk, for crying out loud. The fact that my weekend plans may be shot to hell (except for the book signing) is small beans in the grand scheme of things.

This evening Morgana came over because we were the only two people planning on attending the Herbal Guild meeting at her house, and we did research for our planned Herbal Guild Spa Day—we’ll make all of the spa goodies (creams, scrubs, steams, etc.) and then get to use them. My massage therapist is willing to come and give massages, and gave me the name of a facialist who might be willing to use our products on us. Fun!

What’s also fun is several of Morgana’s books has recipes that were good for your face…or to eat. My favorite iss “Facial Conditioning Vinegar Rinse or Delicious Salad Vinegar.” :-)


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Insult…meet injury

So, the one weekend we had major plans this month has turned out to be the one weekend the guy finishing up the software project for Ken was free. So Ken headed off to Portland yesterday. I went through the five stages of grief on Tuesday and early Wednesday and then got over it. It’s annoying, but it’s not the end of the world.

Then what happens today? I head out to the car to go to my hair appointment so I can look fabulous for my book signing on Saturday, and I fall off the curb and sprain my ankle (and put a hole in my lone pair of jeans and scrape up my knee, too). Shit. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. It’s bad enough that I heard the tendon (or is a ligament?) popping out of its channels. It’s not as bad as some sprains I’ve done (like the time I climbed Mt. Lassen, made it down within sight of the parking lot, stepped on a loose rock, and kablooey. Two weeks before we were to move from Redding to Oxnard.), which is something of a relief. But it's enough to keep me seated with my foot elevated with ice for a few days (I'll hobble to the booksigning, but everything else is doubtful right now).

Oddly, I've sprained my left ankle half a dozen times (several quite badly) over the years, but only sprained my right once until today.

I have such impeccable timing…

On the plus side, it doesn't seem to have bunged up my back any more than usual!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

LibraryThing Author

For those of you who've been sucked in to the wonders of LibraryThing, just wanted to say that I'm officially a LibraryThing Author now. Which means I get "shiny yellow buttons" on my home page...

You can find me by searching for either Dayle Dermatis or cyvarwydd.

I'm way behind on adding books, but enjoy what's there!