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Tuesday, January 07, 2014

What would you add?

Okay, my foodie friends, I'm counting on you for this one!

Today I made this recipe. The only changes were

  • I used fresh rosemary instead of dried (didn't measure, but more than a tsp)
  • the spinach looked dodgy so we skipped it
  • turkey kielbasa instead of the regular kind

It was yummy enough, but…kind of bland. At about 6 hours I tasted it, thought it was bland, and dashed in some sea salt and dried parsley. When we ate it, we both added a bit more sea salt.

What herbs and/or spices would you recommend adding to punch it up a little? Not necessarily spicy (hot spicy), as we eat a lot of that already. Just more flavorful.

(Please answer here on the blog rather than FB/Twitter, because I'm about to leave town for almost two weeks and won't have time to check those sites regularly, and by the time I get back any responses will have disappeared into the gaping void. I can never find anything on FB after a few days, if that!)