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Saturday, September 23, 2006

From the unshadowed 4th row

Words Written: ALNM, lots and lots of edits, snippets of new scenes
Writing Stats: nothing of note
Exercise: dancing at the show

ALNM is done! We started a new ritual, of having Fiona (Sarah’s 9-year-old daughter) type “The End”. Now, we’d had a full manuscript already, but our editor wanted some substantial changes, and by about halfway through we’d pretty much abandoned the old version. So it’s all new enough to call it a new ms., as far as we’re concerned. We’ve reviewed the first six chapters and they’re officially final; I’m going to do a run-through of the rest and send them to Sarah, and then we’ll have one or two phone confabs to work out any final questions. Then it’s off to Adam, in enough time for me to focus on getting the beginning of DFL back in my head so I can finish it at the BIAW retreat in Oregon next month. Hoo-rah.

The Foreigner/Styx concert was a blast. I hadn’t seen Foreigner live before, and they were a lot of fun. Their new lead singer has obviously studied Steven Tyler’s moves in depth. My new concert shirt went over very well; Sarah said that at the end, when the band was tossing pics and taking bows, the keyboardist nudged the lead singer and pointed at me, and the lead singer said something and nodded happily. And to think I was back in the fourth row.

More charmingly, Ricky recognized me in the fourth row, pointed at me, and waved enthusiastically! When we were able to move forward, he came to the edge of the stage (which was beyond where Lawrence’s keyboards were set up) and got my attention again. What a sweetie. Lawrence either gave his water bottle to me or the 16-year-old boy next to me (by that time we were against the stage), but I have longer arms and got it. So I turned and handed it to the boy’s dad, who gave it to the boy, who was incredulous and grateful. Hey, I’ve already got two; I believe in sharing the love. It was the kid’s first show, and he said he wants to go to more. Yay him! Yay his dad!

Okay, I got through chapters 7 through 12 on the plane, before Afalwen’s battery pretty much reached its limit and my brain was pretty much in the same place. I’m safely home now, and although it’s going to be crazy-busy again this week, chances are I’ll be able to update a little more often!


Currently Reading: just finished Ghosts in the Snow, Tamara Siler Jones; about to start Fool Moon (Book One of the Dresden Files), Jim Butcher
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Monday, September 18, 2006

Virginia is for lovers

Words Written: ALNM ~1500. There were edits in there so I didn’t pay close attention.
Writing Stats: Sales! One solo story and one Sophie story to Second Skins. The Sophie story is going to be expanded into a novel soon. :-)
Exercise: um…does video-watching count?

So I’m happily here in Virginia. The only thing I forgot this time was the power cord for Afalwen, and the replacement cost me a pretty penny—but it can live in the laptop case along with my other travel cords. (Why does everything I own seem to need charging now? Laptop, phone, Palm, iPod, wireless Bluetooth headset that doesn’t seem to work right anyway…)

Saturday evening I babysat Fiona while Sarah and Scott went out to dinner and a movie for their anniversary. Fiona requested Red Robin, so we ate there (got only a little lost, hee), and we rented Splash at her request. We also played a game and generally hung out. Fun.

Sunday was a BBQ at Sarah’s mom’s house, which was also fun and mellow thanks in part to the two bottles of Chardonnay I contributed to the cause.

Today we had lunch with Fiona at her school, after which Sarah dropped me of at a wi-fi cafĂ© so I could catch up on e-mail and work stuff (she has only dial-up at home, and flakey dial-up at that). After that we hunkered down to get some work done on ALNM. Chapter 15 is done, Chapter 16 is pretty close. Probably two more chapters left, and then we’ll do a final pass through. Some of the earlier chapters need some trimming, and there are a few things we need to add in towards the beginning.

The only downside to this wild holiday of fun and writing is that I may be getting a cold. Could also be allergies, and it would be nice if it was only that. Mostly in my throat right now, but my eyes are a little tired/itchy, and it remains to be seen whether my sinuses are gearing up to be part of the festivities.


Currently Reading: Storm Front (Book One of the Dresden Files), Jim Butcher
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