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Friday, June 18, 2010

Free! How can you pass this up?

Check out my friend Vera Nazarian's fantastic fantasy novel Dreams of the Compass Rose—free!

Folks, Charles de Lint loved this book. It's that good!

Check out the press release, which includes a slew of stellar reviews.

This is a great opportunity to read a wonderful novel absolutely free. Just be warned: You're going to be hooked and have to read everything else she's written!  :-)

You want to know more?

From an Amazon review for the anthology Playing With Fire:

“Andrea Dale, if you're reading this, I am dying to know more about Catriona and the devilish Jake. I know you must have more to tell.”

First of all, J. Kelly, I am reading this! Thank you!  :-)

Funny thing is, well after I wrote “Fanning the Flames,” it wandered back in my mind and I realized it was, in fact, the first chapter of a novel. So that novel is on my List of Novels to Write, and someday (maybe next year?), I’ll get to it.

Because you know Catriona’s ex-fiancĂ© was into something illegal, and you know that she accidentally took some piece of incriminating evidence with her when she left him, and you know he’s going to come looking for her… Thank goodness she’s got Jake watching her back. And, for that matter, her backside.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Legen—wait for it—dary

On her blog, talking about Sweet Love: Erotica for Couples, Violet Blue said,

"The book includes legendary erotica heavy-hitters such as…Andrea Dale…"

The rest of the names on the list are, in my opinion, a bunch of legendary erotica heavy-hitters. Which is why there's a roaring in my ears and I can't really process it, because I can't seem to fathom how my name got into that list.

The Violet Blue said that about me.

I think I need to go lie down.

Monday, June 14, 2010

In case you were wondering...

Remember those aggressive goals for this month? Are you wondering how I’m doing?
  • get an overdue story to the editor (who kindly allowed me a few grace days)decided, reluctantly, to let this one go. Among other reasons, the story was insisting on becoming a novella. So now I have an erotic steampunk novella to write at some point!
  • get everything done for Out of the Frying Pan and back to TeresaDONE! We have a confab tomorrow to plan the next steps.
  • do the edits/rewrites for Waking the Witch and get them to the editor who requested themto be printed and mailed tomorrow!
  • write a story for the Mountain Magic anthology – some brainstorming done; this is next on the To Do list
  • write a story for the Crossed Genres anthologyafter some consideration, decided to let this one go, too. A balance of research time vs potential payment…and in the end, novel work won out.
  • prep “In Her Hands” for Kindle, etc. (if time) – in progress

The upshoot? I’m on track and on target. I’ve adjusted a few things here and there, but flexibility is part of the program.

Also? Loving Llyfr. File transfer between computers is so much faster—previously, I couldn’t use my laptop to open a file on Arianbach (main computer) and actually work on it. Now, happy joy.

Life-wise…not much to report. I worked all weekend, not being in the household that camped out this weekend, even though I’m friends with most of them. Ken won his rally (Yay, Ken!). I went to the LARA meeting and out to lunch with Christine (at Versailles, natch!). I made lunch dates with two friends for this week, and will be making a couple of writing dates as well.

Onwards! Or as Jason and Grant say, on to the next!