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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Question for my photography-minded friends

This question is for my phenomenal photographer friends.

I'm updating an older story to publish via Soul's Road Press, and given that it was written nearly 20 years ago (egads), technology has changed.

The story opens with an amateur photography enthusiast taking artistic boudoir shots of his girlfriend. At the time, of course, he was using film - and I know that some photographers still prefer film for some projects.

Of course, the photos get steamier….

In the original story, they plan to send the steamier rolls of film to a discreet developer, and to have the boudoir shots developed at their local photo developing place. It's important to the plot that they accidently give all the rolls to the photo developing place, because that's how they meet, er, a new friend.  ;-)

While I don't want/need to get technical in the story, I need a reason why he wouldn't switch to digital once things got steamy. One thought I had was that he'd been planning to set up a home dark room but hadn't yet, so he was going to save the steamier photos to develop himself, and got the rolls mixed up.

Is there a better (but still simple) explanation? Am I over-thinking this?

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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Fly away with the Witch of Venice

A couple of days ago I posted about my Halloween-esque fantasy stories…completely forgetting that I do have a Halloween-set story: a lesbian erotica piece called “The Witch of Venice.”

It includes a drink recipe, because I wrote it for a drink-related anthology that never got off the ground. The idea was to write a story inspired by a drink. So I grabbed my Bartender’s Bible, opened to the index, closed my eyes, and poked my finger at the pages. I had no idea up until that point that there was a drink called the Witch of Venice.

Come to think of it, I should probably use that method to come up with more story titles and ideas!

“The Witch of Venice”

Sexy sparks fly when a pair of lesbian witches celebrate the Turning of the Wheel in Venice, California. Includes a drink recipe to help you celebrate Samhain in style!

About Andrea Dale

Called a “legendary erotica heavy-hitter” (by the über-legendary Violet Blue), ANDREA DALE writes sizzling erotica with a generous dash of romance. Her work—which has been called “poignantly erotic,” “heartbreaking,” and “exceptional”—has appeared in 20 year’s best volumes as well as about 100 other anthologies from Soul’s Road Press, Harlequin Spice, and Cleis Press. She finds passion in rock music, clever words, piercing blue eyes, the wind in her hair, and the scent of the ocean. Visit AndreaDaleAuthor.com for more information.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Spooky(esque) stories for the Halloween season!

It’s October, and you know what that means? It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, it is if you turn into a crazy woman because of Halloween. I love me some Halloween, baby.

It surprises me that I don’t have any stories set at Halloween, something my creative brain is trying to rectify as I type. But I do have some fantasy stories with vampires and ghosts and Old Scratch himself, so if you’re looking for some holiday-themed reading, here are my suggestions!

(Note: None of these are super-spooky, and all of them have some level of humor. Because, well, it’s me we’re talking about.)

“Blood Relations”

The woman known as the "Vegan Martha Stewart" learns who her infamous father really is...and their relationship threatens to ruin their respective empires. A funny fantasy short story—with a bite!

“The Devil Went Down to the Sunset Strip”

Angrrr Management were four talented guys. (They really were. I wasn't just some starry-eyed groupie; I knew decent music and I knew stage presence.) Talented, yes, and awfully pretty, all of them. And every last one of them was dumber than a post. Had they never HEARD of Robert Johnson?

"The Devil Went Down to the Sunset Strip" is a hilarious urban fantasy short story about 80s hair metal and selling your soul to Satan.

Includes bonus short story "Hell's Belles"!

“Feline Design”

Even Satan needs a vacation once in awhile. But perhaps taking the form of a fuzzy kitten wasn't the smartest of ideas.... A Miranda Contreau paranormal short story.

“Hell’s Belles”

Teaching etiquette to a spoiled debutante can be hell...literally. A funny fantasy with a wicked Southern twang.

Includes bonus story "The Devil Went Down to the Sunset Strip"!

“Some Old Lover’s Ghost”

Helena runs Paranormal Manifestation Services--PMS for short. When she's hired by Beth and Marguerite to find out why a ghost is bothering Marguerite, she doesn't expect to get a crush on Beth...which makes things especially awkward when she learns who the ghost is. Rainbow Reviews called this short story "unexpectedly romantic [and] heart-wrenching."

Includes a bonus interview with the author about the writing of the story, her own paranormal experiences, and more.

About Dayle (in case you're new here)

DAYLE A. DERMATIS’s short fantasy has been called “funny (and rather ingenious),” “something new and something fresh,” and “really, really good!” Under various pseudonyms (and sometimes with coauthors), she’s sold several novels and more than 100 short stories in multiple genres. She lives in southern California within scent of the ocean, and she and her husband spend their spare time following Styx around the country (and sometimes out of it), exploring the world via motorcycle, renovating their 1911 Craftsman home, and doing historic re-creation, all of which inspires her writing. She loves music, cats, Wales, TV, magic, laughter, and defying expectations. To find out where she is today, check out DayleDermatis.com.