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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

That's the way I'm playin'

Wooh! On the heels of returning from the first annual Erotica Authors Association conference in Las Vegas (about which I will blog soon), I can announce a new sale!

"Winner Take All" (yes, Styx fans, it's named after the song—because a gajillion of my stories are titled with song titles) will appear in The Harder She Comes: Butch/Femme Erotica, edited by the fabulous DL King and published by Cleis Press.

Here's the delicious cover and TOC:

"Speakeasy" by Evan Mora

"Winner Take All" by Andrea Dale
"It's So Peaceful Out Here" by Elaine Miller
"Manchester, 2000" by Stella Sandberg
"Good Girl, Bad Girl" by Sinclair Sexsmith
"The Bucket List" by Charlotte Dare
"Happy Ending" by Rachel Kramer Bussel
"Tamales" by Kathleen Bradean
"Valentine" by River Light
"Birthday Butch" by Teresa Noelle Roberts
"Born to Ride" by Beth Wylde
"Channeling Charles Bukowski" by Aimee Herman
"Tits Down, Ass Up" by Crystal Barela
"Pound" by Shanna Germain
"Farmhand" by Miel Rose
"A Date With Sharon Tate" by Valerie Alexander
"Bienvenido" by Anna Watson
"This is What I Want" by C S Clark
And it's already available for pre-order….