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Sunday, December 29, 2013

What's on your menu?

In the spirit of getting back to eating healthy, we (okay, mostly me) made a meal plan for the week and a shopping list that includes going to five different places (farmer’s market, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or Lassens [unless someone can suggest a better place for bulk dried beans], Costco, and the Asian market).

Since it’s been hot and dry during the day but a bit chilly at night, we’re looking at salads for lunch and warmer meals for supper.

On tap for the week:
  • Chinese chicken salad (found some good cabbages at the farmer’s market!)
  • miso soup (hence the Asian market—making it from scratch!)
  • quinoa salad (quinoa plus veggies) with creamy balsamic dressing
  • Mediterranean orzo salad
  • wraps (whole wheat olive oil wraps + hummus + veggies + feta)
  • white bean and kielbasa soup (found a great turkey kielbasa at TJ’s)
  • chicken piccata (Clean Eating recipe, so a bit lighter than the usual)
  • whole wheat pasta w/red sauce (already made/homemade) and turkey/spinach meatballs (homemade)

We hit the farmer’s market and TJ’s today; tomorrow we’ll do Whole Foods and Costco. The Asian market is within walking distance, so that’ll be easy.

What’s on your menu this week? Any healthy recipes to share?