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Monday, March 12, 2012

Is it magic...or madness?

"Berengere" by Dayle A. Dermatis

When Berengere’s husband, the king of Coraise, goes away crusade, his brother Jean assumes the role of Regent—and makes Berengere, her sister, her husband’s grandmother, and her closest servants “guests” in his chateau. Berengere knows they’re really prisoners, but there’s nothing she can do except try to make their appartements more pleasing by painting murals of the outside world. Are the murals a means of escape…or is Berengere slipping into madness?

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

A sassy, light-hearted ghostly romance

"Some Old Lover's Ghost" by Dayle A. Dermatis
Helena runs Paranormal Manifestation Services—PMS for short. When she’s hired by Beth and Marguerite to find out why a ghost is bothering Marguerite, she doesn’t expect to get a crush on Beth…which makes things especially awkward when she learns who the ghost is. Rainbow Reviews called this short story “unexpectedly romantic [and] heart-wrenching.” BONUS: Includes an interview with the author about the writing of the story, her own paranormal experiences, and more.

“Definitely a light-hearted read – kind of a lesbian Ghostbusters. What makes this story stand out is the strong narrator – she’s smart, funny and definitely opinionated. For some reason or other, the word ‘sassy’ comes to mind when I think of this story - and that’s a good thing.”
— Megan, goodreads.com

“unexpectedly romantic [and] heart-wrenching”
Rainbow Reviews

“Some Old Lover’s Ghost was nominated for a 2008 Romance Erotica Connection Award for Best F/F Romance Short Story and for a 2010 Gaylactic Spectrum Awardfor Best Short Fiction.

“Some Old Lover’s Ghost” originally appeared in Haunted Hearths and Sapphic Shades: Lesbian Ghost Stories (Lethe Press, 2008).

Available in a variety of electronic formats
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