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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Yay Ken!

Self-righteously, I did get a lot of work done yesterday, and today I smoothed over two chapters and some notes and got them all sent off to Teresa. I also ran some errands and went to the gym, and came home and showered, and joined Twitter (as cyvarwydd—feel free to follow me, even though I currently haven't a clue what I'm supposed to be doing with it).

And then things went a wee bit pear-shaped. Due to some health issues, I went all wibbly. I was all set to work on my first CES assignment when…no. No brain, no energy, no nothin’. I did take Afalwen with me as I sat on the sofa and watched reruns of NCIS (which I recorded so I could still blast through commercials), but our Internet access gets wonky in the evenings, so I only got a limited amount of useful stuff done. In between lying down on the sofa….

Then I got the call: Ken won the rally! And he was going to try and make it home tonight! I called him a bit later to request In-n-Out (because I needed red meat in a bad way), and it turned out he had a flat tire. He was unable to get hold of his mom or brother in Orange County, so he ended up calling AAA, and getting home around 1:30 a.m. But he’s home! And he won!

Now I shall wibble my wibbly self off to bed…

Friday, April 24, 2009

The truth is...

I’d like to be all self-righteous and say I didn’t go to the Queensr├┐che show with Ken tonight because I had work to do. But I can’t. The truth is, I didn’t go because I have defective eyeballs.

See, there’s a rally in San Diego tomorrow morning, and it made no sense for us to drive to Hollywood, drive home, and then have Ken need to turn around and leave four hours later. The only other option was to take two vehicles, and have him head south after the show while I came back home.

Except I can’t drive at night.

I mean, I can. Nobody’s told me I can’t. But I know just how poor my vision is at night (and at twilight, when it’s almost worse), how lights cause huge halos and half-blind me. It’s not just a case of not being able to read street signs. It’s a case of not being able to see if someone walked in front of the car. Coming home from the show Wednesday night, I couldn’t see the cement barrier in the middle of the freeway due to the oncoming headlights. (Oh, I knew it was there, and I could drive without hitting it, but still.)

So, I did the mature, adult thing and stayed home. Ken managed to sell my ticket, so at least we didn’t eat that cost.

But I hate doing the mature, adult thing. It sucks. Don’t wanna. ::stamps feet::

Now I should get some more work done, because then I can at least pretend to be a little self-righteous...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Want me to write you a story...?

I mentioned a while back that I’d signed a contract for a freelance gig, and I just got my first assignment as well as confirmation that I can advertise the site and my involvement.

I’m writing for Custom Erotica Source, which supplies customized erotica stories for clients. In other words, you send in the type of story you want, the characters (you’re the star, generally), and any specifics you want mentioned, and one of the writers writes you a story It can be romantic or steamy, short or long, etc. CES binds the stories into pretty handmade booklets.

I’ll be writing under the name Kendra Wayne, to keep these stories separate from my other erotica/erotic romance work. Yes, another pen name! (One can never have too many, you know.) So if you ever want to order a story, ask for me!