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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Happy December!

Happy December! Let the Wild Rumpus of the Holiday Season begin!

(I believe in the order of things. First comes Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then the December holiday season, however you celebrate the latter. No overlap. None of this “Christmas decorations in stores before Halloween” shit. Deep down I think you should hold off ‘til December 1, but I know a lot of people use the T’giving weekend to start decorating, and I’m cool with that. But now it’s December, and I’m happy about singing along with all the holiday music!)


Not one, but two acceptance e-mails today!

My story “Fanning the Flames” will appear in the Playing With Fire anthology, edited by the delicious Alison Tyler! pompoms! *\o/*

The other is a preliminary sale, meaning the publisher gets the final say—but the publisher seems to like my stories (it’s the same publisher that’s doing Playing With Fire), so squee! I’ll announce that one officially when I can.