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Saturday, July 09, 2011


We are home. We left at about 5 pm and arrived home at 2:30 am. I never want to drive that fucking long in my life again. Although Ken was adorably loopy on pain medicine.... "I am agreeful," he said at one point. Which is one of the reasons I love him, of course.

Did I mention that on Hwy 14, a fucking coyote was in the middle of the road?

It's 3 am and Ken is asleep on the media room couch and I've scritched the kitties and had my much-needed glass of wine. I'm going to bed. If anyone wakes me up tomorrow morning (besides Ken) there will be hell to pay.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

New stories from Soul's Road Press

Two new lesbian stories from me as Andrea Dale!


Two lesbians discover whips and chains aren’t always necessary…that sometimes, it’s more fun to submit in psychologically kinky ways. A steamy hot short story by a legendary erotica heavy hitter.

“Subtle” originally appeared in Secret Slaves: Erotic Stories of Bondage (Alyson Press, 2006)

Cover image by Artem Merzlenko / iStockPhoto

Available in a variety of electronic formats
Amazon |  Barnes & Noble |  Smashwords


"Your Gift to Me"

One lesbian teaches another that her body is worth expensive, frothy scraps that reveal more than they show. A sweet, sexy, and romantic lesbian short story about the joys of pretty lingerie, by a legendary erotica heavy-hitter.

“Your Gift to Me” originally appeared in Ultimate Undies: Erotic Stories About Lingerie and Underwear (Alyson Press, 2006)

Cover image by Tatyana Ogryzko / iStockPhoto

Available in a variety of electronic formats
Amazon |  Barnes & Noble |  Smashwords

"Memories for Sale" in Best Erotic Romance

Whee! I sold "Memories for Sale" to Best Erotic Romance! It's available for preorder and is due out in December 2011.

I wrote "Memories for Sale" back in 2006, but it's never hit quite right with an editor until now. Sometimes that's how these things work: a perfectly good story takes time time to click with the right editor. (Just like not every story will click with every reader.) I'm chuffed that the sparkly and delightful Kristina Wright was the editor it clicked with!

"Memories for Sale" is a bittersweet story about second chances, and I'm so glad it found a home with stories from a whole slew of amazingly talented authors:

Table of Contents

Introduction: Simply the Best

What Happened in Vegas     Sylvia Day

First Night       Donna George Storey

Another Trick Up My Sleeve      Heidi Champa

Drive Me Crazy      Delilah Devlin

Once Upon a Dinner Date      Saskia Walker

He Tends To Me       Justine Elyot

Guest Services      Angela Caperton

Memories for Sale      Andrea Dale hey, that's me! :-)

Blame It On Facebook      Kate Dominic

The Draft       Craig J. Sorensen

To Be in Clover      Shanna Germain

Honey Changes Everything      Emerald

Cheating Time      Kate Pearce

Our Own Private Champagne Room      Rachel Kramer Bussel

Till the Storm Breaks      Erobintica

The Curve of Her Belly     Kristina Wright

Dawn Chorus     Nikki Magennis

Ken update: Busting out soon

Sorry for the lack of update yesterday… We’ve been busy trying to coordinate things like transport and insurance and police reports and whatnot. Plus a friend took me to the Apple store to replace Ken’s twisted-up phone (whereupon I also bought a cover for my iPad, a replacement charging cord for my iPad, and earphones for Ken’s phone), then took me out for lunch and a long ride around and through Reno. I’m looking forward to visiting again sometime when Ken and I can both enjoy the scenery. (Plus I’ve promised the friend that the next time Styx plays here, we’re taking him and his wife.  ;-)  )

Big improvements yesterday: They removed the chest tube/drains and all IVs from Ken! That makes getting up and moving around so much easier for him. We took a walk down the hall and he got to see a view from a different window, too. He’s just taking oral pain medicines, and really isn’t in any major pain at all.

Today a therapist worked with his left arm. The muscles are stiff and sore (the scapula has a whole slew of muscles attached to it), but overall the broken scapula itself doesn’t hurt when he moves. Having relatively full use of his left arm also makes things a lot easier.

Thank you all for your recommendations for hand surgeons; I’ll be compiling a list and will contact some of you for additional information if necessary.

We should be out of here in a day or two, so Ken can go stir crazy at home instead of here. Those of you who’ve offered help will be getting an email or call soon….

Monday, July 04, 2011

Ken update: That damn coyote

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Baby, you’re a firework!*

Ken’s doing great.  :-)  Yesterday afternoon he announced he was sick of his liquid diet, so he had solid food for supper and then again for breakfast today. He’s off oxygen, sat in a chair for breakfast, and took a walk around the halls with a therapist. He’s fine using his left arm to eat, etc.—it doesn’t hurt bending from the elbow, just using the upper arm. (There’s no damage to the ball joint, but the broken scapula and no doubt torn muscles are causing discomfort.)

Several friends went to look at the accident site, including our friend Ernie who’s a trained accident investigator, and then they checked over the bike as well (which a friend got from the towing company and is storing). The verdict is that an animal was involved and, in fact, hit the bike, as opposed to the other way around. Looks like it hit the front wheel, which sent the bike into a skid. Ken went off the left side, causing the broken scapula and ribs, obliterated spleen, etc. (The broken right hand could have been just from his hand slamming into the ground.) Then the bike must’ve hit the soft sand at the side of the road, because it clearly went ass over teakettle before it came to rest in the desert.

Most likely culprits are jackrabbit, coyote, or mountain lion; for some reason my bets are on a coyote. (Many, many jokes are being made about roadrunners, ACME, roller skates….) We do have a few hairs and blood—anyone out there have the CSI equipment to determine species?  ;-)

Thanks to all of our friends for taking care of Ken, the bike, his stuff, etc. Now it’s just listening to the doctors and nurses and doing what needs to be done to get better.

*Yes, I’m a Katy Perry fan, and proud of it.

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Ken update: Thanks, hand info, transport

First, Ken would like to thank everyone for their outpouring of support—the blog/FB/Twitter comments, the emails (I hacked into his account), the folks who’ve gone out of their way to stop by. You are all freaking amazing!

Second, for some reason I can’t access the hotel’s internet in Ken’s room. I can get it fine in my “hotel” room, which is on the other end of the complex. I’m going to see if I can get it when I’m in the cafeteria…

Third, can anyone recommend a hand surgeon (either orthopedic or plastic) in the Ventura County area? Ken’s hand needs to be immobilized for about six weeks, then he needs to have the pins taken out and start doing some therapy. He should regain full function of his hand, yay! Oh, and we learned today that the broken bones were in his hand, not his fingers. Broken bones and ruptured tendons…. But again, full use of his hand will happen eventually. And his shoulder socket wasn’t injured (just his scapula) so he’ll be able to use his left hand in the meantime, once his scapula isn’t hurting quite so bad.

Fourth, to answer a popular question: He’ll probably be here in Reno for 3 or so more days. He was signed up for a mediflight service that will transport him to a hospital of our choice in Southern California, and then he’ll be released to go home.

That’s this morning’s update!  :-)