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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Words Written: ALNM 927
Writing Stats: Received payment from Escape Pod for the forthcoming podcast of “What Dragons Prefer.” Received payment from two of the three anthology stories mentioned in the last post (odd). Two sales, one rejection (see below). Submitted three stories and one novel proposal. Followed up on six overdue stories.
Exercise: stretching, yoga

Two sales! Remember those stories that I (and Teresa and I) wrote in less than a day last week? Sold both of ‘em. Mine will be under a pseudonym because I already have another story in the anthology.

And, alas, a rejection. Although the Sophie story “Busted” made it to the finals of Best Lesbian Erotica 2007, it didn’t make the final cut. But, we did sell it to another anthology as well, so that takes some of the sting out of it.

The complete “four cups” review of Cat Scratch Fever is now up at CoffeeTimesRomance. Check it out!

And, Lovesromancesandmore.com says "Cat Scratch Fever is an erotic romance that starts with a bang and keeps pumping and grinding until the end.... The plot was intriguing and filled with enough sex to keep readers panting."

Deep breath. The Waking the Witch proposal goes out to an editor and an agent tomorrow. I’m still not sure it’s ready, but there’s a point where I had to stop staring at it. And stop re-reading the critiques. I still have a nagging fear that the problem is that there’s something not clear in the synopsis or the early chapters, because several critiques have seemed to involve a misunderstanding of some of the facts. But, if I can get a look from people on the strength of the writing, it’s a step further. The rest of the book needs a strong pass, but I have a couple other things to deal with first (ALNM and DFL, primarily). And I’m sure if an agent or editor asks for the full book, the panic of a deadline will force me to do all the revisions in a couple days so I can fire it right off.


I howled over Star Trek inspirational posters. I am such a geek.


I had a fabulous lunch with the fabulous Jenn today. She works in Thousand Oaks, so we met at Roma Deli (mmmm, Roma Deli!). It was one of those great conversations where you’re both tumbling over the words because you have so much to talk about. I hope it’s the first of many lunches with her.


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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Coolest. Job. Ever.

Words Written: DFL ~1000
Writing Stats: Promo stuff for Virgin re: ALNM. Phone confab with Sarah re: next chapters of ALNM. Story submissions.
Exercise: let’s wait ‘til after my chiro appt tomorrow…

Our lovely editor at Virgin Books has accepted the Sophie Mouette story “Make Me Come at the Ball Game” for the Sex…in Public anthology! Hoo-rah! My solo story for the same anthology is still under consideration. Alas, he finally confirmed that the one I wrote for an earlier anthology didn’t make the cut. Ah well. It’ll get back out in the mail soon.

This whole DFL-writing-fest never really happened in Oregon, I fear. Wednesday I had to focus on some major work stuff, and by the time I was done with that, my back was hurting something fierce. This desk setup is about as unergonomic as it gets, and I have to take some responsibility for not getting up and stretching regularly, too. That night was Ken and Thom’s apartment-warming party, and I didn’t want to be flat on my back and/or drugged for it, so I ended up lying down and reading after working (and pouting a little, because I really wanted to write—should’ve brought my Laptop Laidback, I guess!).

Thursday I worked on a bunch of promo stuff for ALNM. Friday I wrote over 1K on DFL on the plane, which was nice. Got a whole scene in the antagonist’s pov. He’s got issues. Nicely messed up. He’ll work well. And I was really glad to move ahead on that book.

I came home to find comp copies of three anthologies I’m in! Very cool. Comp copies are one of those things that remind me I’m a Real Writer. Not that I forget I’m a Real Writer. More along the lines of I can clutch them to my chest and say “I have stories in these! I wrote those stories! I have the coolest job ever!”

Yesterday was our local Shire’s Pirate Tourney, and it was once again a kick-ass event. The current King and Queen adore our Shire and adore the event, and they said we were the best Shire in the Kingdom (but sssh, don’t tell anybody!). They gave out lots of much-deserving awards, including Court Baronetcies to Morgana and Alexander and Harp Argents (for leatherworking) to Iuliana and William (the folks who did my big pirate box birthday surprise). It really was such a pleasant day. I won a pirate t-shirt in a contest/code-breaking game, and had a wonderful time talking to so many of my friends.

Today we were supposed to take less than 2 hours to move the stuff from the old Shire shed to the new one in our backyard, and inventory everything. Instead, Ken discovered the floor wobbled and needed to be shored up, so he spent hours on that. We inventoried half the stuff, and after we get shelves, we’ll finish up. But. Sheez. I’ve been methodically checking things off my To Do list and working through e-mail and whatnot. Oh, and I picked up some groceries, threw in a load of laundry, picked up Chinese for dinner, watched another ep of Lost with Ken, ordered plane tickets to Virginia, and, um…I can’t remember it all, but I’m pretty tired!

I had a phone confab with Sarah on Sunday re: another promo thing as well as the last couple chapters of ALNM. My hope is to get the draft done soon; then we’ll set it aside for about a month and do the revision (or at least a big chunk of it) when I visit her in September. That’ll still get it out more than a month before the deadline, and that is A Very Good Thing. I’m having one of those Too Many Novels! Not Enough Time! attacks right now. Whee! It’s kinda fun, in a manic sort of way. :-)


In other news, I’m rather stunned to discover that Steve and Jonathan Martian from The Muppet Show are actually named Bob and Joe. Where did I get “Steve” and “Jonathan” from? They’re commonly referred to as The Yip-Yip Aliens or The Yip-Yips, and my personal favorite sketch can be viewed here. Because no day is really complete without a bit of the Muppets.

Bob and Joe. Huh. Who knew?


Apple has finally released the wireless Mighty Mouse, and I’ve ordered mine, and it should be here next week, and there is much rejoicing! Finally!


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