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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Goals for Today
  • food shopping/refill water bottles/buy cat litter - actually, Ken did it. I love him.
  • go for a bike ride and a short run - nope. Felt oogy this afternoon. Tomorrow.
  • scrub the cat puke off the bedroom carpet - not yet. It's not like it's going anywhere.
  • enter receipts in Quicken/tidy home office desk - guess we're looking at tomorrow.
  • curl up and watch a movie with Ken - watched the latest Doctor Who, and introduced Ken to the glory that is Benedict Cumberbatch's Sherlock.
  • finish editorial revisions on short story and send - done!
  • 1 hour freelance copyediting job
  • finish reading through half-finished collaborative novel (or at least 4-5 chapters today, leaving 4-5 chapters for tomorrow) – tomorrow
  • watch final videos for online workshop and do any homework (no homework!) - will probably do this tomorrow
  • answer a ton of work email
  • various online stuff (promo “Catalyst” on website, write blog posts about groovy news, etc.)

I feel like the Dowager Countess in Downton Abbey: “What is a 'weekend'?”!

Friday, May 10, 2013

"Catalyst" by Sophie Mouette

Squee! Little Kisses Press has just released their very first Sophie Mouette offering! (Sophie being the psuedonym for Teresa and I when we collaborate.)

catalyst cover web"Catalyst" by Sophie Mouette

Amid the standing stones of Anglesey, Wales, Kate meets a seductive woman who offers Kate teasing moments of pure passion—then disappears with catlike ease. To win the enchanting Annie, Kate must face dark magic, set right a centuries’-old wrong—and, scarier yet, confront her own past. The magic of the stones can turn a woman into a cat, but is it strong enough to guide Kate to her heart’s desire? “Catalyst” is an intoxicating lesbian paranormal erotic short story.

"Windswept cliffs, fogbound villages, and moonlight on standing stones; the Welsh isle of Anglesey would seem mystical even if American anthropologist Kate Williams weren’t bound to it by blood and her own intense connection to the earth. She finds much more in this land of her ancestors than healing for a bruised heart, and Sophie Mouette tells her story of magic and lust and timeless love with just the right blend of fantasy, reality, and hot-to-the-core sex." – Sacchi Green, Editor of Lambda Award Winner Lesbian Cowboys

Available in a variety of electronic formats:
Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Smashwords | Kobo

Monday, May 06, 2013

Healthy mac and cheese?

Okay, here I am with another question for my foodie friends! (Note: I'd be grateful if you posted your responses here rather than FB/Twitter/G+, so I can keep everything together in one place. I cannot find anything on FB after a day or two after it's been posted, and I rarely even check Twitter, and I'm on G+ even less. Thanks!)

This time, I’m looking for a reasonably healthy macaroni and cheese recipe. I say “reasonably” because it’s hard to make something full of cheese super-healthy, but I want to strike a balance. I’ve been eating Amy’s Organic frozen mac and cheese, but it’s expensive, and doesn’t use whole wheat/whole grain pasta. I’m choosing it over boxed mac and cheese – which I can get as whole grain and organic – because if I make a box of mac and cheese, I will eat the entire box. And it’s still more processed than I’d like.

So what I’m thinking is, if I make my own (either in the crock pot or oven, or on the stove), then I can freeze it in portion-sized amounts.

I’ve done a little research and found bits and pieces of recipes that sound good, but I can’t seem to find one that covers everything I’m trying to do – and I’m not a good enough cook to know how to combine recipes.

Here are my parameters: 
  • Ideally less than 400 calories per serving (where a serving is a reasonable size, not a quarter of a cup or some such bs).
  • Whole wheat/whole grain pasta – doesn’t really affect the recipe; I can just substitute.
  • No ingredients beyond pasta, cheese, and things that make it saucy. No breadcrumbs, no onions, no cauliflower. Those things are all fine and sometimes I do want a dish like that, but right now I’m looking for bog-standard comfort-food mac and cheese.
  • When I see the phrase “low fat,” I think “chemical shitstorm.” I’d rather have a strong-tasting full-fat cheese and use less of it than use a blander low-fat cheese that will trigger my body to eat more.
  • A little flour or cornstarch is fine, yogurt/milk is fine. I’m open to suggestion.

Here are some of the recipes I’ve looked at online. None of them fit all my parameters, so one question is, how could I combine these ideas?

Fitness recipe. What I like is the idea of using Greek yogurt for creaminess. What I don’t like is the onion-garlic puree (I could see trying it later, though), the breadcrumbs, or the reduced-fat cheddar. Would ditching the puree and using regular cheddar keep it below 400 calories, I wonder?

Food Network Squash Recipe #1. I know I said nothing funky, but eventually I’d like to try something like this one, with squash. Will it appreciably change the flavor? (I add squash, carrots, all sorts of stuff to spaghetti sauce and it doesn’t change the flavor, but then again, tomato sauce is different than cheese sauce.) What would happen if I left the squash out but used the same basic recipe? Likes: Ricotta, regular cheese. Dislikes: Lowfat milk (it’s not enough to make a big calorie difference, though), doesn’t give calorie count.

Food Network Squash Recipe #2. Ditto questions about squash above. Likes: Yogurt (would use regular, not non-fat), decent calorie count (but how far would it go up w/regular yogurt and cheese?). Dislike: The low-fat/non-fat options.

AllRecipes recipe. Likes: Basic and simple. Dislikes: Low-fat stuff, and what’s the calorie count?

Blissful recipe. Would cauliflower puree make it bland? Otherwise, my biggest issue with this one is the lack of calorie count…I’m guessing it’s high, given the cream cheese.