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Friday, September 08, 2006

Beware the insidious stress bunny

Words Written: lalala
Writing Stats: nothing to report.

Exercise: walking

And in the Small World Category, today Morgana and I went over to a neighbor’s house to be interviewed about the Hersterical Society, the neighborhood monthly get-together of women in and around the Historic District. Turns out the reporter is also an RWA member and writes erotic romance. She didn’t even know about the LA RWA group, though. I sense lunch sometime soon…


I’m a total stress bunny right now. Despite the work I did while in Portland, I’ve come home to find myself behind on a lot of things. Plus there’s what should have been a simple project that has turned into a project-by-committee, with me in the middle trying to juggle stuff flying at me and somehow turn it around into a coherent product. All of this is throwing a spanner in the writing works, and I’m getting downright cranky from lack of writing. And, I’m getting up painfully early tomorrow to drive two hours to the Orange County RWA meeting, because Anna Genoese of Tor is speaking. I’m excited, but not looking forward to the lack of sleep, the early rise, or the drive. (I’m extremely nearsighted, and to correct my vision to close to 20/20 results in making things really small—which means I can’t read street signs until I’m practically under them. And I haven’t had time to beat the GPS software on my Palm into submission and make it function properly. Thankfully, the directions to the meeting are very simple.)

Then, next week will be busy with meetings and appointments and getting ready for my trip to Virginia, to see my best friend Sarah and go to a Styx concert and have my first book signing! So it all eventually will be good; it’s just getting to the goodness that’s stressful.

Somehow, that sounds like something that belongs on a bumper sticker.


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