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Friday, November 24, 2006

Everything, all the time

Words Written: editing, actually
Writing Stats: Came home to three rejections (one because the magazine is folding) and copy edits for one story. Also declined a novella contract because the publisher was unwilling to negotiate certain crucial terms.
Exercise: dancin’, baybee!

Whoops! Wrote the first few paragraphs of this a few days ago, then forgot to post it…

Home from Baltimore and NYC! Woo!

It was a great trip! Oh, fraught with the usual mayhem and cat-herding of 2-4 women (depending on the time and place) by our Heaux Security Guard (that would be Ken), but it involved two fabulous Styx shows, getting backstage briefly to give JY his birthday present and cards, an extremely brief exchange with Lawrence, way too much food (crab dip! wine! seared ahi!), and an abundance of laughter. The discovery that people in Brooklyn can be exceptionally nice. One 3 a.m. hotel evacuation due to someone’s inability to microwave popcorn (not anybody in our party, I hasten to note).

We picked up the new DVD from KC (the band’s merchandise guy) and watched it on the flight home. We’d seen pieces of it while waiting in line for the shows (someone brought a portable DVD player) and I joked that I’m visible enough that I could be my own drinking game. Having watched the whole thing more carefully, I’m amending that to only when I’m visible from the front. If you include all the shots of the back of my head, you’d be drunk by the end of the first song! (It helps that I’m the tallest of everyone in the row, so I stand out.)

Seeing it again reminded me just how amazing that particular concert was. How enthusiastic and energetic the kids in the orchestra and chorus were. How electric it all was. How amazing the music sounds when done by a full orchestra. I miss my French horn, dammit, and suddenly I’m wanting to take piano lessons again….

In other news…

Ken fixed the TV (which involved unplugging it for a few minutes and then plugging it back in…go figure), but now the DVR is acting wonky and has to be rebooted repeatedly. So we’re trying to watch as much stuff as we can, and dump some things down to tape, so we can exchange it on Monday.

We had Thanksgiving with Ken’s dad and his wife, and wife’s son and family. We’re having a second Thanksgiving here tomorrow, with Ken’s mom and some local friends. I’m looking forward to hanging out, eating good food, and relaxing with everyone.

Although I’m behind on writing and editing work, so I’ll be busy in the morning before everyone arrives! I’m going to try and make the Sunday writing-fest at Lulu’s Beehive again, too. Ken has to go to Long Beach, so I figured he could drop me there and I could work with Jenn et al. for a few hours before he swung by to pick me up. I have a couple of anthology stories to pound out before the end of the month, and since we’re leaving Wednesday for Vegas, my personal deadline is earlier! I think it comes down to one story a day, so I really have to get cracking….

We saw The Illusionist tonight with Morgana and Brian, and Ken’s mom. Fantastic movie! Edward Norton was excellent, and Rufus Sewell was amazingly and unexpectedly creepy. Now, of course, we have to see The Prestige. Because one movie about Victorian stage magicians is never enough.


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Anonymous said...

That all sounds fantastic! I must go and see The Illusionist....

Marian X