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Monday, September 18, 2006

Virginia is for lovers

Words Written: ALNM ~1500. There were edits in there so I didn’t pay close attention.
Writing Stats: Sales! One solo story and one Sophie story to Second Skins. The Sophie story is going to be expanded into a novel soon. :-)
Exercise: um…does video-watching count?

So I’m happily here in Virginia. The only thing I forgot this time was the power cord for Afalwen, and the replacement cost me a pretty penny—but it can live in the laptop case along with my other travel cords. (Why does everything I own seem to need charging now? Laptop, phone, Palm, iPod, wireless Bluetooth headset that doesn’t seem to work right anyway…)

Saturday evening I babysat Fiona while Sarah and Scott went out to dinner and a movie for their anniversary. Fiona requested Red Robin, so we ate there (got only a little lost, hee), and we rented Splash at her request. We also played a game and generally hung out. Fun.

Sunday was a BBQ at Sarah’s mom’s house, which was also fun and mellow thanks in part to the two bottles of Chardonnay I contributed to the cause.

Today we had lunch with Fiona at her school, after which Sarah dropped me of at a wi-fi café so I could catch up on e-mail and work stuff (she has only dial-up at home, and flakey dial-up at that). After that we hunkered down to get some work done on ALNM. Chapter 15 is done, Chapter 16 is pretty close. Probably two more chapters left, and then we’ll do a final pass through. Some of the earlier chapters need some trimming, and there are a few things we need to add in towards the beginning.

The only downside to this wild holiday of fun and writing is that I may be getting a cold. Could also be allergies, and it would be nice if it was only that. Mostly in my throat right now, but my eyes are a little tired/itchy, and it remains to be seen whether my sinuses are gearing up to be part of the festivities.


Currently Reading: Storm Front (Book One of the Dresden Files), Jim Butcher
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