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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Silk or leather or a feather

Words Written: at least 500/day during the week on various projects
Writing Stats: “Heaven Has Eyes” made the first and second round of cuts at Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. (This is the third or fourth story of mine to do so, but I’ve yet to sell to them.)
Exercise: see below

Not the best of weekends. Friday night/Saturday morning, starting at about 2 a.m., Grimoire starting yarking. Only one small hairball, the rest just…well, to be polite, I’ll just say liquid. Never a lot at one time. Then, at 8:45 a.m., my phone rang. The tree guy, saying he wouldn’t be out today because it was raining. (The tree guy is coming out to remove four eucalyptus trees and one stump, and to seriously trim back our out-of-control lemon tree.) Said tree guy was supposed to have called Friday evening to confirm he was coming out on Saturday, which he hadn’t done… So I crawled out of bed, pulled myself together, called the vet, and hauled Grimoire in.

Long story short, he was seriously constipated. Poor thing. He spent the day at the vet being knocked out, tested, and X-rayed. He came home Saturday night, barely able to walk in a straight line. I had to take him back in today for a follow-up, and was sorry to report that he hadn’t pooped overnight. So he spent half a day at the vets, getting, um, cleared out. But today they also found he had a bladder infection. So now he’s on two medications… Even with the vet’s monthly care plan, this wasn’t cheap. But the most important thing is, he’ll be fine.

Suffice to say, I’ve been distracted and worried, and didn’t sleep well last night. (I slept on the foldout sofa in the media room because I knew Grimoire wouldn’t be able to make it up the stairs, much less onto the bed, in his post-anæsthesia drunken condition.) So this weekend has mostly been a bust where work has been concerned. I’ve been able to work only on semi-mindless projects, like house-straightening and bill-paying and e-mail catch-up.

Morgana did come over this evening, though, and we watched a biography of Marie Antoinette that we’ve been meaning to see. Since I know next to nothing about French history, especially post-1600 (it’s an SCA curse), I found it fascinating. Now I need to add the Marie Antoinette movie to my Netflix queue. That and The Affair of the Necklace, which I thought was on there but apparently I’d forgotten to add previously.

After that, we watched the Adam Ant videos I’ve been collecting for her (when one shows up on VH-1 Classics, I record it and then dump it to tape), which led to us looking info up online… It’s a slippery slope, I tell you. (Not a slippery slop, which is what I first typed. Ew.)

Oh, and I’ve also watched the first half of the BBC miniseries of Gormenghast. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve never read the books, although I own an omnibus edition. Anyway, weird stuff.

I’m still reading Kris’s Fey series, still not sure exactly where I left off the last time I was reading it and apparently got distracted by a shinier book. I’m also devouring Richard Branson’s autobiography, which makes me laugh out loud as I wait outside the courtroom to be called inside. The other jurors are patient with me.

Speaking of jury duty, they’ve changed our schedule, and we should be done by Tuesday afternoon. Both sides have rested their cases, and we’ll have closing arguments tomorrow morning, followed at some point (I’m assuming tomorrow) by jury instructions. It will be nice to finish up early (we were originally scheduled to start on Tuesday and end at the latest on Friday), because thanks to my sweet baby boy kitty, I’m now behind on most everything.

Give your kitties extra scritchies tonight!


Currently Reading: The Rival: Book Three of the Fey, Kristine Kathryn Rusch; Losing My Virginity: An Autobiography, Richard Branson
Lately Listened To: Banba, Clannad
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extemporanea said...

You have to read Gormenghast! It's an amazing piece of modern gothic. And even weirder than the TV version...

Julie/Margaret said...

Poor kitty. Oddly enough, a friends baby had the same problem last week & I got called for advice. Glad he's okay.