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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Whose idea was this, again?

Words Written: over the week, WSWL, ~5000; OOTFP, ~250
Writing Stats: Reviewed 250 proof pages of A Little Night Music, conferred with my fabulous coauthor Sarah, and then spent an hour and a half typing all the changes into an email for the wonderful editorial assistant Donna. These proofs were a lot cleaner than CSF’s; the copy editor this time did not try to run all of our paragraphs together, for one thing. On the down side, we found a number of very embarrassing errors that we made. Sigh!
Exercise: yoga

I’m sorry this has turned into a weekly journal. Is that why nobody comments anymore? (I confess I do feel a little unloved.)

Sigh. This week everyone was talking about Valentine’s Day, and my beloved was far away. But he called me several times on the day itself, and I got a lovely gift in the form of his flight itinerary for next week—he’s coming home on Tuesday rather than Wednesday! An extra day! We’re planning an intimate dinner at (Fusia), the swanky Japanese restaurant at the Luxor in Vegas when we’re out there the following weekend. And I’ll give him the cards I bought him a month ago, but in the current flurry of busy-ness I forgot to mail….

So. Yeah. Busy. Whose brilliant idea was it to start a new novel (tentatively titled With Soft Whispers Laden) at the same time that proof pages arrive and I’m working on two collabs (one novel, one novella) with Teresa? Oh, right, my own damn fault. Actually, I decided to start the new novel the day before the proofs arrived (I probably shouldn’t have been surprised by them, but the fact is I didn’t have them on my calendar, so still my fault), but still. I have 34 days total to write the novel (in time to submit it for the novel workshop I’m attending in May), not counting days off for concerts or the time in Oregon for BIAW. I know I will end up working on it in Oregon, because Teresa and I will be passing our project back and forth, but I’m considering those bonus days. And thank goodness for them, because I’m already behind.

Hell, it’s 10:15 p.m, I just sent the proof changes off, and I still need to work on Chapter 6 of OOTFP and on WSWL, and I’m getting a headache and all I want to do is lounge in front of the TV watching The Dresden Files. Gahhh. Oh crap, I have to clean the cat boxes, too. (Pun intended.)


In other news, I was very happy to be at the computer when I got the e-mail from Loreena McKennitt’s mailing list about the concert presale. Of course, I got the e-mail after the tickets went on sale, but I managed to snag Row Q, which isn’t bad (when it’s not Styx, that is). I could’ve gotten Row N with two tickets, but I could get four seats in Q, which means we can go with friends. Whew. Goddammit, but I’ve been waiting for her to tour the U.S. since what, 1995? (She came to the Ventura Theatre that time. Blew. Me. Away.)


Morgana and I did see the tall ships, and we got to say hello to a friend of a friend (Cassie, friend of Gayle & Lev) who works on The Hawaiian Chieftan. I took pictures that will hopefully inspire me to finish writing a pirate story that’s due at the end of the month…


I think we’re going to have rain tomorrow, maybe thunderstorms. Which would be beyond lovely. Yesterday it was in the 80s, and it was awful…


Currently Reading: Just finished Ysabel, Guy Gavriel Kay. Sigh. Sigh. Now I feel the need to reread The Fionavar Tapestry, then read Ysabel again. And then maybe move on to A Song for Arbonne, and… Sigh.
Lately Listened To: Piano Recital, Daniel Levy; Music in the Age of Leonardo da Vinci, Ensemble Claude Gervaise (I can’t listen to music with words while I’m proofreading)
Recently Watched: Without a Trace, Prime Suspect 3


Rob Vagle said...

Oh, yeah. Weekly updates cut down on readership and comments. I've seen that on my journal!

I kind of wish blogger had a subscription service like journalscape does. I find those e-mails very handy to keep up on various journals.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Well, that's why I made sure there was an RSS link easily available in the sidebar... Most e-mail programs now support that (they'll dump the entries into your e-mail).

Because I have friends on several different systems (Blogger, LJ, MySpace, Journalscape, WordPress, etc., etc., etc.), I use an online site called Bloglines. I put in all the URLs of journals I read, and any time I go to the site, it tells me who's updated, and shows me the entries (or I can click to go to the person's site to read the entry there).

An added benefit is that I don't have to put up with those horrid moving pictures and icons that some people use!

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

At least you're posting weekly. I can't even claim that distinction. Largely because I don't want to whine and I've been feeling whiny of late.

Dying to see WSWL, so keep writing!