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Monday, October 29, 2007

Biscuits or death

Goals for This Week:

  • High Spirits: 1K/day minimum for the first few days, ramping up to 1.5K/day thereafter.
  • 1.5 to 2 short stories. I’ve barely started the first one, but I like where it’s going. Ideally I want to finish five new stories by the end of November, leaving four for December.
  • Tweak two stories that are currently out being critted and get them mailed off.

This week, shouldn’t be a problem. Next week…yeesh. Three Shaw/Blades shows, which will take us away for one night and involve a couple of very full days, culminating in jetting up to Oregon from the third show. So I’m really going to have to focus my time and energies, and stay organized.

Once we’re in OR, it’ll be a little easier because Ken will be working 9-5. Being away from home means I have fewer distractions, so maybe I can up my wordcount on those days to make up for the days that will no doubt see slippage.


Morgana and I did some shopping today. First we went to Zoey’s Café, where we had incredible cheddar-broccoli soup, and I had a half toasted Brie sandwich and Caesar salad and she had a half grilled cheese sandwich and a Caesar salad. What was funny was when we were first perusing the menu, and I said, “I know what I’m having,” and she said, “the Brie sandwich?” Because I’m so predictable. What was also funny is that when the food was actually in front of us, we barely spoke. We just made happy eating noises. She did ask me how my sandwich was, and I growled “Numnumnum” and she giggled.

Then we went to the British shop so I could get more PG Tipps, because I was out and reduced to drinking Tazo “Awake” tea. A small packet of chocolate digestive biscuits leapt into my hand and insisted on coming home with me, too.

We pottered about in a used bookstore (not great) and whatnot, and then drove to the mall to see what Hot Topic had in the way of Halloween goodies. I tried on a Scottish schoolgirl skirt (okay, but not Must Have) and a potential concert top that didn’t fit at all. After a swing through Torrid (where I tried on two potential concert tops that didn’t bare nearly enough cleavage) we went to Victoria’s Secret because she needed a bra. To my delight, they have pushup bras in my size. Well, mostly my size. In the size of half of my chest. They didn’t quite fit, but soon.

After that, we were completely knackered, so we came home and had tea and digestive biscuits. Neither of us actually enjoy clothes shopping, although we enjoy finding ‘80s things and squealing with delight.

I then had about an hour to poke at various projects until Melanie showed up for my massage, and then I ate dinner (having failed to convince Melanie that we needed to go out to dinner) and talked to Ken and wrote and watched a bit of TV.

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