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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Buy now!

Just a quick note to point out that Blowfish is having a 20% off all books sale. They sell a number of anthologies containing Andrea Dale or Sophie Mouette stories, including Alison Tyler's alphabet series, various Best...Erotica series (American, Lesbian, etc.), Caught Looking, Got a Minute... The list goes on. I've been a busy girl, as you can tell from my bibliography!

Already have the books? Remember, the holidays are coming, and books always make great stocking stuffers!


angell said...

Unfortunately they NAIL me with shipping charges, so the 20% off doesn't matter. :(

But I will try my darling...

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Well, you certainly don't have to buy them from Blowfiish! I just wanted to let folks know about the sale. I suspect amazon.ca is your best bet, or what's your other big store up there? Chapters or something?

Or put 'em on your wish list! ;-)