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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thursday 13: Thirteen Things in my Purse

(beyond the obvious “wallet, tissues, etc.”)

1. one Tazo “Awake” teabag (because most restaurants have crappy tea, and I’m a tea snob)

2. a measuring tape (because I never know when I’m going to suddenly need to buy fabric)

3. one of my two flash drives, backed up regularly (in case the house is burgled or burned down in my absence)

4. Palm and keyboard (because I never know when I’ll want to work; also has a tip calculator and my Books to Buy lists. Yes, plural lists…)

5. notebook and pen (for quick notes)

6. lace-edged sticky notes in a faux-leather holder

7. a Lara bar for low blood sugar emergencies

8. extra pens (of course!)

9. one of my kumihimo disks, in case I get bored

10. small plastic envelope for paper lists, coupons, notes, etc.

11. business cards in green leather holder embossed with a Celtic tree

12. tin of Altoids

13. camera (because the world is an amazing place and I often want to capture a brief snippet)


Lanie Fuller said...

That's a good list. I don't carry purses often--since most of the time I only need my keys and wallet.

I carried my iPod around or my MP3 sunglasses. I think that's about all I carried, lol.

Happy Holidays!

Gina said...

You must have a big purse! Have a great day!

Savannah Chase said...

That's some list, but i have a ton of stuff in mine too...I use to have everything.....

Happy Thanksgiving....

Kaige said...

I wish the things in my purse were so simple or relevant! Having kids ruined my purse for MY stuff... at least it's gotten better in recent years. =) Maybe I should dump mine out again tomorrow.

Shelley Munro said...

Your purse sounds very organized. I must clean mine out. I like good tea, too :)

Heather said...

Ah, someone else who always has a camera with her. Don't you hate it when you miss a "Kodak moment" because you forgot the camera?

Jennifer McKenzie said...

I'm always amazed at the weird stuff I find in my purse.
And my desk.

Haven Rich said...

Honey, all I can say is you must carry around a HUGE purse!!

Most women hate me because I don't lug around a huge purse. Truthfully, my wallet barely fits inside the center area of my purse. All the other contents are mini-versions so I am able to have a bunch of random items. Like two lip sticks, two perfumes, two chapsticks and lotion. Most importantly, my flash stick! Also, I have about 3-4 pens in there at all times!!

All that in the purse the size of a paperback novel (think 600 page mass market paperback).

BTW, the reason for two on most of those...I never know what mood I'll be in and normally one or the other will fit anything I'm doing or wearing (in the case of the lip sticks).

Tara S Nichols said...

Gad! You sent a shiver through me thinking about not having enough pens!! I've done that too many times.
I don't carry a purse, I carry an urban excursion bag, wallet on as string and a back pack. I too fear fire will take away all my writing so I store alot of the biggies in gmail.
happy thanksgiving.

Alice Audrey said...

So organized! Mine would be like pen, lint, wallet, lint, checkbook, lint.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

It's not that big a purse, really! I should take a picture of it or something. It's a wee bit bigger than I'd prefer, but I'm still on the search for the ultimate bag. It has to have a lot of anal-retentive compartments (which is why the purse doesn't have to be huge--as long as everything is in its place, I can find it).

I must've been a Boy Scout in a former life, because it all boils down to wanting to be prepared for anything! :-)