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Friday, January 18, 2008

I, er, wha?

Rejection from Apex Digest for “The Rising.” Dammit, 10,000-word post-911 magic realism stories are hard to find markets for!

And… ::booboo lip:: Teresa’s and my proposal for a workshop at RWA Nationals this year has been rejected. I don’t know why I’m as bummed as I am right now… Guess I was really looking forward to doing it. Huh.

More annoyingly, they don’t say why, just that they get more proposals than they can use. Does that mean someone else turned in a better proposal for a workshop on collaboration? That they didn’t want a workshop on collaboration? Is it okay to turn in the same proposal next year, or not?


Damn. I’ve had a low-grade headache all day, combined with lack of motivation. Now, easing towards bedtime, the headache’s getting worse, but this is when I usually get the energy to write.

I’m mostly ready for the signing tomorrow: I’ve printed out a brief bibliography of my other work; I’ve gathered most of my materials. I’m totally going to wing what I’m talking about. I should’ve planted people in the audience with questions.

Dangit, what have I done with my book of raffle tickets?!


Didja all have fun with Lust Bites today?


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