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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Death by locomotive

Rejection from Triangulations for “The Rising,” addressed to “Mr. Dermatis” (sigh) and making it apparent he didn’t read much of the story because he referred to one character’s “failed relationship,” and it wasn’t a failed relationship at all. Hey, it didn’t grab his interest. S’okay. I’ve already turned it back around to ASIM, and also subbed Breakfast in Bed to Scarlet, since they liked “Flash!” but thought it took too long to get to the sexy bits, and I feel that I’d lose character development if I cut it too much.

In other news, my massage therapist cancelled on me again because of craziness at her day job. (My e-mailed response: ::wails, throws self in front of train”::). Sigh. But Ken and I had a scrummy dinner of stuffed pork chops and squash (both from TJ’s) and watched New Amsterdam before repairing back upstairs to poke at computer things (and I also went back downstairs to my writing office and moved ahead on a short story I need to finish ASAP).

I also received my first birthday card of my birthday season! ::happy dance:: Albra wins the prize this year. She just gave Ken his astrological chart reading that she promised him one or two birthdays ago, and I strongly hinted that I wanted that for my birthday, so the card is my promissory.

~ ~ ~

So many good things to read! I’m still enjoying Magic Study (although I’ve forgotten enough about Poison Study that I’m surprised by things I oughtn’t be), plus I got a Robert B. Parker and three YA books from the library when we walked there the other day. This is in addition to the magazines that litter the house and the brimming TBR bookshelf. And it doesn’t include the four books I need to read (and write proposals on) for my workshop in May (three of the books have been ordered; I’m hoping to find the fourth at Bart’s).


Currently Reading: Magic Study, Maria V. Snyder
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Angell said...

Once more, sounds like you've got a full plate.

But I'm loving New Amsterdam. I think it's a very original show - it's about time we had a show about immortals that aren't vampires.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Full plate, yes...whether I can accomplish it all is another matter altogether! ;-)

I'm...waffling about New Amsterdam. It's reasonably well-acted (as opposed to Moonlight, although I think Moonlight's problem is bad writing that the actors can't overcome) and well-written, so I'm enjoying it on those levels. But I despite and loathe the overall premise of the "find your one true love" angle, so I sort of lalalala my way through those parts. I also don't buy the woman who's supposed to be his soulmate (leading me to wonder whether she really is the one--if he finds her so quickly, it's gonna be a short show!). And the police work is appallingly bad and fake--if I can tell, it must be!

As for immortals who aren't vampires, I have one word for you: Highlander! :-)