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Monday, July 21, 2008

Submit or perish!

Pooh. Realms of Fantasy passed on “Oroflex (Patent Pending),” saying “this is a cute fairy tale variant, but I’m trying to cut back on those a bit.” Just my luck to get an editor who’s on a literary subgenre diet!

But I had a stack of returned stories to send out today anyway, so here’s what happened:

  • “Soulsearching” to Coyote Wild
  • “Hell’s Belles” (reprint) to Clonepod
  • “The Queen’s Gardener” to Doorways
  • “Matchmaker” to Serpentari.us
  • “A Familiar(’s) Tale” to Renard’s Menagerie
  • “Oroflex (Patent Pending)” to F&SF

I have no idea where to send “A Father’s Blessing” right now, but some markets open up on 8/1, so I can wait a week or so.


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1 comment:

Lev said...

Realms of Fantasy obviously don't know what they're missing!

But six stories out the door is a nice accomplishment. May they all see print!