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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Appearing for one day only! EDITED

Just a quickie...but an exciting one!

Circlet Press is doing an erotic "advent calendar" type of thing, wherein they're posting a different story every day for the month of December. You get one day to read the story—after that, it's gone.

I'm delighted that my story "One Thousand" will be the story for Friday, December 19! (NOT Thursday as originally posted.) It should be posted around noon (if it's not, just keep checking back) at Circlet.

"One Thousand" will later appear in the Like a Myth, anthology, but this is your chance to read it now! Enjoy!

(Obligatory disclaimer: NSFW.)

(The other cool thing: I donated my payment to the ASJA Writer Emergency Fund, which helps writers when they have crisis medical bills and whatnot.)


Anonymous said...

Hi Dayle, I've been checking since you posted about the advent calendar and at 15:00 GMT on the 19th I'm still seeing their story from the 17th - even allowing for the time difference I think they've got out of sync. I'll probably miss your story now as we're off to start the trawl round the country visiting family :-(

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Yeah, the editor gave me the wrong date, and it was up on the 19th all day!