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Thursday, January 29, 2009

That light at the end of the tunnel? I hope it's not a train.

Sorry for the recent radio silence. Bad news and stress to varying degrees pretty much derailed my brain.

The biggie is that Grimoire is sick and it looks like he’ll need an expensive operation. It could be one of several things, all of which aren’t good, and the best option is surgery. The problem with being contractors is that while we have money, we have to balance how much money we have coming in over the next year or so. Bottom line is, I’ll update here when I have more news about how he’s doing. (A request: Please don’t ask. I swear I’ll update. It just makes it harder for me to keep having to field questions when I’ve already woken up in the middle of the night sobbing, you know?)

Meanwhile, Ken’s brother has been visiting on something of a work vacation. He’s helped us, Ken’s mom, and their other brother with various home repair stuff. He left today, so now the house will cease to smell like coffee and cigarettes (he smoked outside, but the smell permeates). Seriously, he was an amazing help and it was great to see him, but in the end I wasn’t mentally or emotionally up for house guests. Add in Ken’s mom staying over for two nights and multiple out-of-town guests either visiting or we visited, and… This isn’t coming out right at all. It was fabby to spend time with everyone. It’s just that it all happened at once.

And I’m dealing with a misunderstanding with a dear friend, which makes my heart ache, but the bottom line is I have to protect myself and the work (thank you, Nikki Giovanni and Jenny Crusie), and it’s a private matter I can’t in good conscience speak more about beyond that.

On top of all of that, I realized I’d overcommitted myself again, which is my own damn fault. Cue much tearing of hair and rending of clothes and gnashing of teeth.

So. ::claws self up by her bloody shredded fingernails:: What’s good?

In the midst of the worst of it, Pati sent me light and energy and Alia gave me rose-scented candles. Both were unexpected and extremely touching. Thank you. Morgana has been a rock in a storm, as well as a source of much-needed hilarity, and Christine brought me the sweetest-smelling rose from her garden and helped me brainstorm. My massage therapist is also a friend who makes me laugh and who knows how to cut to the chase. (We’re also each other’s workout and eating-right cheerleading buddies.) I’m blessed to have them all in my life.

Thanks to Ken and Dennis, we now have a new garage door (people door, not car door, but it means we’ll be able to use the remotes on the car doors again), a sensor light at the back door, and concrete where it was needed (which means we’ll be able to put in a new back gate that will allow much easier access to the Shire shed). And Morgana and Brian also have a repaired sidewalk.

I got to hang out with Gillian and Donna and Jenny and Darla and other like folks, and my local writer peeps (Erica, Tanya, Susan, and Miriam), and The Ormslick (hee!), and of course Mom and Dennis.

Lots of folks showed up to my guest blogging at Naughty & Spice, and I had a fantastic time!

And while the writing hiccupped due to the sadness and stress, it’s getting back on track. I have a very silly idea for my story for the Denise Little Workshop, and should have it finished Saturday at the latest. I also have another fun story (erotica, requested by the editor) to finish in that time frame. Ghosted continues apace. I’ve had some recent sales as well as several stories that are waiting publisher approval—one in particular will be very exciting if it comes to pass. ::fingers crossed::

We’re headed off this coming weekend to a Superbowl party—we have no interest in the game (um, who’s playing?) but it’s a great chance to see friends—and the next day we’ll visit two other sets of friends in that area. I’ll have Afalwen with me, of course, so I’ll be able to keep up with work, at least a little…

Other projects and various life stuff are under control again, and although I have a lot on my plate, it all seems to be at manageable levels again. I’m not going to Isles Collegium this Saturday in order to have the day to focus on writing and, well, everything else. That way I can justify going away for two days.

More soon…


malvoisine said...

So sorry you are having a shitty time right now. I'm totally with you. My world pretty much came tumbling down around my ears last July and while it's better - new normal still isn't fitting right. Lots of love winging to you and Grimmy, I'm so sorry.

Helen said...

Hugs. I'll keep all of you and yours in my prayers.

Angell said...

Oh hon - I'm sorry that you're stressed out beyond belief right now. *hugs*

As long as you have good friends and ways to relieve it, you'll be fine.

Sending lots of love from up here in the cold white north.