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Monday, February 23, 2009

::waving hello::

On the plane home from Oregon. As usual, I’m a combination of exhausted and energized. My brain whirls with plans, plots, ideas, enthusiasm.

Neither of the anthologies we wrote for are “sold.” (Denise Little, the editor, works for Tekno Books, who packages anthologies for DAW, among other places. These two haven’t been picked up by DAW yet.) However, we’re also free to send the stories we wrote elsewhere in the interim. My story for the first antho didn’t quite make it (although a number of attendees came up to me afterwards and told me how much they liked it), but my second story did. It was a very silly story. :-) However, I’m still going to send it elsewhere and see what happens. I can always write another story.

I’m already fired up for the workshops in July, too. The first weekend is Structure and Plot, and the second is Contract & Copyrights, which I sorely need. For the week in between, Kris will work with us individually on things we want help on, but the two things I came up with aren’t craft issues. I don’t know if I have craft issues. So I’m thinking I’ll spend those 5 days hammering away at some project. Not sure what project; that’ll depend on where I am at that point. That’s 5 months away, for crying out loud.

Kris also gave me some advice and insight on how to deal with Ghosted, which has been fighting me for some time. One thought is, in fact, to set it aside, possibly up to a year, and come back to it with fresh eyes. I’m not convinced I want to do that when I have some other things I can try, but we’ll see.

First goal right now is to deal with volunteer stuff for the next two weeks. I overcommitted, yes, but I have to accept that and deal with it. Black Oak Lodge will go fine, but Ken and I need to focus on it, and I need to have the right attitude to do that.

Anyway, the best thing to come out of this weekend is the reminder that I’m part of a network of amazing, fun writers. All are peers and friends. I met nifty new folks, reconnected with ones I’ve missed for far too long.

My only regret is that I was so busy, I never got the chance to walk on the beach. I adore the wild Oregon coast. Still, I really can’t begrudge the time I spent with smart, creative, hilarious friends.

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Christine Ashworth said...

Yay, you're back! When can I see you? I know you're horribly busy but hopefully we can do a get-together SOON!

Missed you, and glad you had such a good time!