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Saturday, March 07, 2009


I’m surprisingly calm right now. I still have a mega-ton of stuff to do for the event (finish the site booklet, sort out the special super-secret entertainment, make signs, stare at Ken so he finishes casting the site tokens…) but it doesn’t feel insurmountable. Maybe because I finished my corset today (except for the grommets, which I’m going to make Ken put in because I don’t entirely trust myself with a hammer right now) as well as one of my dresses (I’ve got a few inches left on the trim. Oh, I want to bead it with pearls and amethysts, but not before the event!). It doesn’t really matter why. I’m just glad for it.

Of course, the dark-chocolate-covered caramel from Trader Joe’s that I just ate might have something to do with my mental state. Mmmm…

I’m mildly peeved about the time change tonight—I’m happy it’ll be light later, but not about losing an hour of sleep that I desperately need. Nothing I can do about it, though!

::Zens out::

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