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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

and on and on

So much to update, so little time…

Two weekends ago was Carreg Wen Anniversary, and it has been far too long since we’ve visited that fair Shire. On the way we picked up our friend Lareej. We’ve known her forever, but she took a hiatus from the SCA and in the past year or so has been getting active again.

We’d forgotten what Lompoc was like—essentially fogged in—so we pretty much froze our patooties off, but we had a great time. The event was small, so we just hung out with friends and laughed a lot. And Ken won the rapier tournament so he’s Carreg Wen’s Rapier Champion! My Renaissance man: three motorcycle rally wins in a row and now a rapier championship. (And more on that later…)

Then Lareej came home with us and we were up drinking and carousing until 5 a.m. Yeah, I’ll sleep when I’m dead…

Ken spent last week finishing up stuff around the house, including building some new bookshelves for our joint office. (We’ll be moving the magazines to those, then shifting everything over so he has more space behind his desk for stuff.)

Then he headed off to Oregon for another rally, and I headed off to CP Prize Tourney, because I haven’t been to a Kingdom event in ages and ages and I’ve missed everybody. I carpooled with Ismay and Alia and Lareej (who crashed here the night before, and I swear we stayed up only until 1 a.m. this time, given that Ismay was due to show up at 7 a.m.), and you now how it’s like when you put four women in a car together… I had a massively fun day, reconnecting with folks I hadn’t seen in ages and winning a gorgeous bracelet in the raffle (it was the only thing that really sparked for me; I stuffed the rest of my tickets in for things that Lareej wanted, since much of her SCA stuff has disappeared over the past few years). All in all, a hugely enjoyable day, despite how hideously hot it got in the afternoon. We four grabbed dinner in Fillmore before heading home, and then lo, there was much sleeping (at least on my part).

Sunday I headed off to CB&TL to meet with another writer, and while I was there, I got the text from Ken: he’d won his fourth rally in a row! It’s an unprecedented win—as far as anybody knows, nobody has done accomplished this before. Wooh! *\o/*

In between all of that, I’ve been working working working. I was relieved to discover one of the anthologies I’m writing a story for has extended its deadline for a month; that was the one I didn’t have an idea for yet anyway. As for the rest of them, so far, so good…

Okay, it’s well into Tuesday and I have a writing-and-lunch date with Christine tomorrow morning, so I need to fall over in a wibbling heap of sleepy.


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