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Saturday, June 06, 2009

My fantasy has turned to madness

After a frustrating couple of days—problems with my shoulder killed my productivity and sapped my energy and enthusiasm—today was quite lovely and productive.
  • We threw the fixings for white bean/chicken chili into the crockpot. Nom.
  • We watered the cat (i.e., gave Grimoire subcutaneous fluids).
  • I did some dishes. (There are now more, and I think they’re my chore again. Dammit.)
  • I sent an e-birthday card to a friend.
  • I wrote on Possessed, Undressed, and in a Mess and submitted two recently returned stories. (Sadly, did not get to short story or critiquing.)
  • I compiled some info for a nonfiction article and did some other related research.
  • We worked out at the gym.
  • We detoured on the way to the grocery store to watch the sunset from the beach (the beach is about half a mile farther away than the store, so…).
  • We watched several episodes of season three of Alias while trying to figure out if this is the season where the show jumps the shark.
Tomorrow, more of the same. Ken’s going to go to fighter practice, and I may wander by with a handwork project or the laptop and watch him poke at people with long metal objects. Or, if she’s up to it, Morgana and I may go for a walk. Either way, there will be writing and critiquing and nonfiction article brainstorming and querying.

Now, very soon, there will be bed. And that’s always good.


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