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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Sale to Harlequin Spice!

Oh my gods, I’m so excited I could just explode into a million bits of Styx confetti!

I’m going to be in a Harlequin Spice anthology! *\o/*

::cue dancing and possible explosions::

The ever-splendiferous Alison Tyler pinged me awhile back about a story of mine she remembered, “The Broken Fiddle,” which is set in Ireland and involves a legend and Irish fairies and music (as all good stories should). She wanted to include it in her anthology Alison’s Wonderland, and she just got word from Harlequin about the final Table of Contents:

The Red Shoes (Redux) by Nikki Magennis
Fool’s Gold by
Shanna Germain
The Three Billys by
Sommer Marsden
David by
Kristina Lloyd
Managers and Mermen by
Donna George Storey
The Clean-Shaven Type by N.T. Morley
The Midas F*ck by
Erica DeQuaya
Sleeping with Beauty by
Allison Wonderland
Unveiling His Muse by
Portia Da Costa
Always Break the Spines by Lana Fox
An Uphill Battle by Benjamin Eliot
Moonset by
A.D.R Forte
Mastering Their Dungeons by Bryn Haniver
A Taste for Treasure by T.C. Calligari
The Broken Fiddle by
Andrea Dale
The Cougar of Cobble Hill by
Sophia Valenti
Wolff’s Tavern by Bella Dean
Slutty Cinderella by
Jacqueline Applebee
Kiss It by
Saskia Walker
Let Down Your Libido by
Rachel Kramer Bussel
Dancing Shoes by
Tsaurah Litzky
Gold, On Snow by
Janine Ashbless
After the Happily Every After by
Heidi Champa
Cupid Has Signed Off by
Thomas S. Roche
The Walking Wheel by Georgia E. Jones
Rings on My Fingers by Alison Tyler
The Princess by
Elspeth Potter

It won’t be out ‘til July 2010, but I’m still doing cartwheels now! Maximum squee!


thorngrove said...

Great news! Congratulations. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yay!!!! Squee :)

Marian & Ed X

malvoisine said...

Yay you! That is awesome. Here's hoping it leads to more!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Thanks, ya'l!

Christine said...

YAY! I'm SO glad this came through - I know you've been on pins and needles waiting for word.

Huge congrats, honey!

Joan said...