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Monday, January 18, 2010

Thanks to…

  • Sheri for calling me from the concert in Anaheim during “A Criminal Mind”
  • Nanci, Lenny, and Monk for recording the same song and texting me simian hugs and banana love
  • Fran for calling me the next night for an unidentified song, then again during “A Criminal Mind” and then leaving the phone on for six songs
  • Tani for sending PG Tipps (I immediately threw out the swill I was drinking and made a proper cup of tea)
  • Susan for coming to the viewing and also bringing me PG Tipps
  • everyone, absolutely everyone, for their e-mails and blog and Facebook comments of condolence and support. I’m sorry I can’t thank you all individually right now.
  • Don for picking up my sister and niece at the airport
  • Morgana, Melanie, and Deborah for keeping the cats fed, watered, scritchied, and loved
  • Anyone I might, in my somewhat sleepless state, have forgotten at this moment

Love you all…

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