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Monday, March 08, 2010

An epic win!

I just learned that Coming Together: Against the Odds won a 2010 Eppie for Best Erotica/Erotic Romance anthology!

The Coming Together collections each benefit a different charity; all proceeds from the sale of Coming Together: Against the Odds will benefit Autism Speaks.

The reason I'm popping virtual champagne here is because I'm proud to be a part of Coming Together: Against the Odds, which contains my story "Always a Bridesmaid"! The anthology also has stories by Teresa Noelle Roberts (aka half of Sophie Mouette), Kathleen Bradean, Maxim Jakubowski, and many more amazing authors.

So, to recap: Buy this award-winning anthology (or any of the fabulous Coming Together anthologies) and not only get a book of sexy-hot stories, but you can also write it off on taxes and get the warm fuzzy feeling of having donated to a very worthy cause.


Angell said...

WOOOOOOO! *does happy dance for all authors involved*

That's amazing news! Congrats hon.

malvoisine said...

that is very very cool - congratulations!