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Friday, May 14, 2010

Hang on to your hats

Edited to add: Well, some minor things changed today's plans. Ken's headed up to Portland tomorrow. Yay, money! but Boo! missing the event, and no rally for us on Sunday. So there was some rearranging of today to accommodate everything that had to be done for that.

I think it’s gonna be one of those days… Not a bad day, just a full one. Which I like!

On my list: 
  • at least 1.5K on the CES story – thankfully I have lots of notes so it should go fast – okay, 500 words. I can live with that.
  • tweak and submit editing proposal
  • update website
  • apply for freelance editing jobs
  • other writing business things
  • pay bill/deposit checkDONE
  • make Grimoire’s vet appt – pending because I’m waiting on some travel info
  • make gyn appt – DONE
  • make eye appt – DONE
  • update blog about last weekend
  • finish write-up for Sarah about last weekend – I worked on it, anyway
  • type up the draft meeting minutes from last night’s Shire meetingDONE
  • maybe get the final issue of The Oak Leaf starteda little bit done
  • make brownies for Darach Anniversary presentations – no longer nec, plus I discovered I had only one bag of chocolate chips!
  • get out partially finished/beaded cotehardie for Darach Anniversary People’s Prize A&S Display and write up a few words about itno longer nec
  • put out everything Ken needs to take to Darach Anniversary – no longer nec
  • get to bed early because I have to get up insanely early to get to my workshop in LA – define "early." It will be soon, and earlier than my normal, but not really early enough…
  • which reminds me, call Tanya re: possible carpooling – DONE
  • answer a bunch of e-mail – um…a little
  • try not to listen to too much Gowan! but probably listen to the new Styx song a lot so I have it memorized for next week – hah! Did you really think I could stop listening? Foolish mortals.
So right now I’m bouncing between the meeting minutes and e-mail, with Facebook open for occasional swings through to answer mail there (FB is not a good place to e-mail me, BTW—this is way overdue stuff that I’m finally getting around to), and of course talking to Ken about this weekend and beyond.



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